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I am discouraged!


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The chemo with CPT 11 made my BP go up and my BP is usually low! My PCP thinks it is due to the Decadron. Onco disagrees and says I have to have the Decardon or end up throwing up. He will give me BP meds if necessary. Other problem is that my CEA counts are going up, too! This indicates the chemo is not working, after three treatments.

The first round of chemo was so effective and without problems (except blood counts) , I feel discouraged! Feel depressed, in spite of anti-depressant meds!

Has anyone had any BP problems with CPT 11? Or with Decadron?

Love you supportive people! Marge

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dont get depressed mouse...it'll get better.....

i dont have the bp prob......but i know if i dont take the decadrone i'm a real sick puppy.....zolfran helps (a little) decadron fixes it (or it does for me pretty much).....i'd try keeping the decadron and trying the bp med...

are you taking the decadron because of brain radiations?


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