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Anais, There are specific sleep programs tested by researchers that include sleep hygiene (such as going to bed and rising at the same time, regardless of how much you've slept), avoiding stimulants after 12 noon (or altogether), keeping your bedroom only for sleeping and sexual activity (this conditions you to sleep when you are there), starting and maintaining a bedtime ritual (like brushing your teeth, washing your face, changing into pajamas), regular exercise (helps dissipate stress), and avoiding stimulating activities of all kinds for at least two hours or so before bedtime. Get into the habit of doing these things. You might try learning relaxation or self-hypnosis techniques, too. And if you need short-term medication to help you sleep, ask your health care provider.

Herbs: lavender is helpful to some people. I put a little lavender oil on a tissue and tuck it into my pillow case. Also chamomile. Both of these herbs are generally safe and come in many forms such as flowers, essential oils, and teas.

Best of luck to you in your search for sleep, Teresa

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I am sorry you are still having so much trouble falling asleep, I went thru terrible nights after losing my mom. The melatonin is a good suggestion. Don't totally knock the medications, when you are suffering depression your body goes thru chemical changes and sometimes meds are needed to make the chemicals "normal" Get a blank journal and write to your mom at the end of the day telling her all the things you would have told her during the day if she was here. Best of luck Anais. Wish I was there to give you some great big hugs.

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I know what these long, sleepless nights can be like. One sleepless night can seem like an eternity. I had to take meds for a while to fall asleep. Now, I am finally getting back into my normal sleep patterns. Just after Dennis's death, I would always leave the television on. Some say that is not a good thing to do but sometimes it would work for me. I think the quietness was one thing that really bothered me, after having him beside me for 26 years of nights! Hope you find something that helsp for you!

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After her death, there was a big break in my routine, I felt disoriented for a while. I used to visit her every weekday evenings in palliative care and complete days during the weekend (October 4th to December 22th) and before the hospice care, I took care of her 24/7.

Maybe it's one of the causes of my insomnia... I'll have to establish a new routine.

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I have had problems falling asleep recently because of a shift change at work. I'm working til midnight and still getting up at 6 or so with my kids so I knew I had to fall asleep fast. And sometimes my mind just races about a million things and I can't get settled down. When that happens I count backward from 100. I've only made it through to 0 once. :)

It's hard to do sometimes to get my mind to only concentrate on the number instead of racing off in other directions but if I can do it, it works.

Sorry to hear you're having sleep difficulties!


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