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dani hobbs

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Today, February 15th, we committed the earthly remains of my wonderful sister, Darlene Joy. For all of you fighting the fight, and those of you who love some one who is fighting the fight, I wish you many happy, pain-free, joyous days of laughter. This message board has been a great source of support & information to me & Darlene & her family. I miss her so much that my heart screams & I want to redirect all of that energy to those of you who share her disease. An aside, which I hope will not hurt anyone---after all was done, my family took me back to the cemetary so I could be alone with her, the workers had buried her & put all the flowers in place. What did I find at the base of the grave probably left there by the cemetary workers???? A cigarette butt! I didn't think I could pound something into the ground that hard. My deepest respect & regard to all of you, always & forever until I die, DA'S SIS

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To DA's Sis! New here and was not here to support you but I offer my sympathy to you. I lost a sister 10 years ago and still miss her, not as badly as at first. Time makes it easier, but she not be forgotten! Now, take care of yourself and she will watch over you! Love, Marge

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