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I need some prayers


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Hi All,

Went for my routine Mammogram last Friday and got a call yesterday... two areas look "suspicious"... have to go back tomorrow at 2:00 for additional testing...

I am scared to death, but at the same time, thinking about all of you who go through this testing for cancer all the time and now I know how you really feel... it is awful... I would appreciate any prayers you can spare. Love Sharon

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Sweet Sharon,

I am sure you are scared to death, heart in throat type of scared. But, remember that almost all of these things are calcium deposits or cysts or whatever.

You are always in my prayers dear friend, but I will put you at the top of the list until I see your post in good news.

Keep busy Sharon, helps to stop that da__ thinking process.


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I know the feeling, I've been there with the "we need you back for magnification views" phone call. But, 80% of the time, these turn out to be nothing. And, if it's not, you need to get it taken care of. But, that, IF it even turns out to be the case, is so doable.

I'm hoping for a big false alarm here, but know that I'm just a PM or a phone call away, if need be.

Good luck,


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Sharyn, you have every right to be frightened by this. But, you did the first right thing, and that was getting the mammagram. Good for you. If it is cancer it was caught early. but just b/c you got a follow up call doesn't mean it is.

regardless, my prayers to you, my dear. you are one super person.

Hang in there and God Bless,


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Prayers are coming your way.

I did recently have a similar scare. An abnormal sized cyst showed up. I had to go in and get an ultrasound and then they actually did a quick needle biopsy because it was suspicious. The biopsy took 5 minutes (virtually painless) and they could tell immediately from the aspirated material that it was noncancerous. Yahoo! All of this was done over a period of 3 days from start to finish so I got answers quickly (I am sure my LC helped speed it up ) so the turmoil of waiting wasn't too horrible.

I did however get alot of information about the problem and was told 90% that look suspicious are not cancer.

All the best to you and here's to hoping that you fall into the 90%.


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Yeah.. boy..

I go to this place that does only breasts. You go in and change into a spa type comfy and warm gown.

The breast surgeon comes to check and will tape a bb on to anything that she wants the mammogram to highlight.

The cold blocks of ice slam down on each breast several times kerpow! And then you wait while sipping a cup of tea or coffee from a fine china porcelain cup, while reading the latest fresh magazines on fashion, home interiors, motherhood, current events, politics or sports.

Then that suspicious place that was found during the exam is looked at further with the use of ultrasound. The radiologist does a needle aspiration. The surgeon and RN see you one more time and tell you that there is nothing to worry about. See you in six months. Then you walk out with this news IN WRITING.

This is the way that all places who deal with such traumatic exams can model themselves. It is called the Virginia Piper Breast Center in Minneapolis.

This waiting and wondering is for the birds and unnecessary torture.

Cindi o'h

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Hoping this is nothing but cysts....and if you had an ultrasound today, they should be able to detect if that's what they are.

Been down this scary path twice, and lucked out both times....so hoping you'll be as lucky. We're here to hold your hand....so hang in there.

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