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2 weeks after radiation/chemo completed - Followup


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Doc says CT shows 1 - 1 cm "mass" in mediastinum and lower right lobe. Much smaller than what they were when this journey started.

She said that progress has been wonderful, and that some if not all of what they are seeing is scar tissue so now we wait and do follow ups every 3 months. (Can't tell if theres some cancer cells hiding in there either)

I asked for a copy of the report and I noticed it also said "no evidence of metastatic disease". Anyone know if this the same as "NED"?

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Great to read that the tumours have shrunk and may only be scar tissue now, and there is no evidence of metastatic disease. However, I don't agree with this being the same as NED (which is No Evidence of Disease). If there are still possible tumours on the scans, that is not NED (or certainly not what I understood NED to mean). Any others have a thought on this??

But, having said that, it still sounds like a mighty fine report with reason to celebrate, and hopefully NED is just around the corner.



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I have to agree with my sister, Jana W, on this one (of course :wink: ). NED would be the term used if the mass in the lung was also not detected.

As lilgna explained in her post, no evidence of metastatic disease suggests that there were no signs of cancer anywhere else in the body. Which is great!! Hopefully, the small remaining mass in the lung is just scar tissue. I guess further scans down the track will tell, and at that point, you may well be able to celebrate with NED!!!

Congratulations on a very encouraging report!


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repeat over and over because they are beautiful words...




this IS great news. This is what we all want to hear! Sometimes it takes longer for the good news to sink in than the bad news! (for me anyway).

congratulations are in order. let's celebrate! you know where to find me!

love, Cindi o'h

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