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Tucson Lung Cancer Walk Nov 2006


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Judith Byron Lung Cancer Walk Tucson Nov 2006

Hello everyone!

So I am serious about this, I am putting together a lung cancer walk in Tucson, AZ, for November 2006. I have been talking to people at the lungevity foundation and they have a few walks already. Since November is National Lung Cancer awareness month, we decided that Nov is the perfect time. It is really not enough time to do one this year as we want it to be a huge success. I was thinking big like Los Angeles, but we can do that in the future. My mom lived in and loved Tucson, so Tucson it is.

I will need help and volunteers, I need to put together a comittee and people to help me get specific tasks done through out the year. You know, contacting sponsors in Tucson (maybe some old clients of Mom's would help, local TV and New stations, local business' etc), contacting sponsors outside of Tucson, organizing the venue, etc. I have emailed the mayors office and am still waiting to hear, but you know, anything like that will help!

I will be back in the USA in April, so I am thinking of starting this in June, anyone can help from all over the US, with the phone and internet we can do a lot.

Thanks for your time, and please let me know if you can help. Mom and I talked a lot about doing something to raise awareness and now I am going to, for her, in her memory and for others, and their loved ones.



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Your mom meant a lot to me. She was the very first person I met on this board and she helped me a lot in the beginning. This is a wonderful tribute to her. She would be so proud of you! I know you will do a great job. I wish I was closer to help you out.


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Stephanie -- GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I wanted to just say, though, that you DO have enough time to plan one for this November. I didn't start planning my NJ walk last year until May/June -- and we had over 300 people attend, and raised $32,000. I would call that a pretty good success for first time out of the gate!!!

But, regardless of whether you plan it for Nov. 2005, or Nov. 2006, good for you for taking action! :wink:

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