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Lets all Pray!


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Hi everyone,

Today we are going to take my dad to a place called the Father Solanus center. I have been reading a little about him. Without getting into too much detail, every Wed. they have a blessing for the sick. There have been some testimonials about his healing powers. He was a very dedicated priest and well known in the Detroit area even after his death in the 50s. He is being considered for sainthood and I am not real sure how any of that works. Anyway we are going to the city at 2 today and I will be praying hard during the blessing for all of you also. Maybe if we all say a prayer between 2 and 2:15 something miraculous will happen to one of us. I know thats what my dad needs......

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Father God-Father we thank You for the lives you have given each of us. Lord we thank you for Your Son, Jesus. Because of Him we are all brothers and sisters in Your family and our sins are all forgiven. . We have all joined in praying for each other that have this disease, cancer. Lord we ask for healing and we ask for the courage to take each day and make it glorious for You. Lord we ask for guidence for the scientists working towards a cure for this. Thank You for the support we have here on this forum. In His Precious Name-Amen

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