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New scans scheduled...


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Hi All,

I have new CT scans scheduled for Monday 2/21. I had to schedule it when I could get into my onc just before the scan. All my veins have quit on me so they have to use my chemo port but the places where I can have the scans done don't have a RN on staff to access the port to put in the dye. GEEZ! If it's not one thing, it's another. He also changed my pain meds. I was on 40mg of oxycontin, 2 X daily plus 20mg oxycodone every 4 hrs. Since that wasn't cutting it, he's swiching me to morphine. I haven't got the script yet so not sure of the strength & how often yet (God knows you can go blind trying to read the Dr.'s handwriting on the script!), hope this does the trick. Hurting is really getting old. I'll let you know when I have the results from the scans. They are usually pretty quick - about a day or 2.

Thanks for all your support & prayers,


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