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Who will be the next SURVIVOR?

cindi o'h

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Hey.. this is the inspiration column isn't it?

When I was going through treatment, I loved watching Survivor. It was my favorite show.

And, my little pal, Justakid, is just as nuts for it. We love it.

Anyone else fans of Survivor? I can remember that I didn't want to die befrore the last episode...isn't that funny? A television show giving that much incentive to stay alive.. heehee..

Any other fans in this group? Why, if I were younger and in good shape like I used to be, I would do better than anyone! And I would treat you all to nutty buddies with the million dollars that I would win!

Anyway... tonight is the first night.. we can watch it in the bar if you want.

love, Cindi o'h 8)

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I'll meet you in the bar, Cindi! Read the write-up in TV Guide and THREE people will be gone tonight - one voted out and two gone by default....default of getting lost!

I couldn't go on the show, I'm not an out-of-work model/actress...I could survive on mere coconuts because I have some real body fat, though...hmmmm :wink: I'd have to take adjustable clothes or I'd be swimmin' in what I had on by the last week!

Pina coladas for the first round, put 'er on my tab!

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Cindi, I watch Survivor when and if any of the people interest me. After a few shows, if they don't, I'm outta there! I love Amazing Race because even if the people are a wash (like this last time around!) it's still fun to see all the places they go. With Survivor, you're kinda stuck with the people and the scenery!

I know exactly what you mean. One of my goals in that regard is to live long enough to see the last season of The Sopranos! I remember that feeling well from last summer -- will I see the Olympics again? Holidays? Will I get to vote again?

Guess this says something about us of the television generation, huh!


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That is like the one reality show my husband does not like, so we don't watch it (we watch a lot of tv as it is).

However, I would love to take bets on Amazing Race, Apprentice, and Bachlerotte, my current reality addictions :)

Well Amazing Race is over, it was a bad season, I hope next one is better :)

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Ok, I must admit. I love Survivor, Amazing Race and Apprentice. Probably addicted is a better word.

You can read all the bios on the new Survivor cast on cbs.com. Already like Stephenie, local girl who is a big lacrosse player like my daughter.

Rob and Amber from Survivor are on the next Amazing Race. WOW, if we could just get The Donald to host it.

Almost all of the new cast are exercise of some sort freaks. No couch potatoes on this show.

From what I understand they are dumped off tonight with NO instructions. Have to figure out how to form tribes etc. Interesting!!!

Compare notes tomorrow.

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Hey Cindi,

Count me in too!! I love the show. I had company tonight so I missed the first part then I had a lot of interuptions so I only got bits and pieces of it but it looks like its gonna be a good one!! I think they did right by axing JO, she seemed really bossy. I would also love to be on the show. I think it would be a blast!!


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Well, how did you all like it??

I am smitten with that "Tom-Cat" ooooh funny...I guess I am getting old as I am now fond of the gray hairs.. he is a handsome bugger...(did notice the ring). I hope he doesn't turn out to be a jerk.

I understood why the teacher was voted off..but not that young feller??? I didn't get that at all..

And. I was flipping through the channels...(remember I am still on the prednisone?) and I missed WHAT happened with the matches...did they fall out of the canoe?

I just have to see Amazing Race now and see what is going on with Boston Rob and Amber.

How'd ya'll like the big screen TV and the finger food?? And the cocktails and beer??? Yummy. You were all a great group. Let's get together every week!

love, Cindi o'h

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The guy they didn't pick is a testicular cancer survivor. Would have been great P.R.

I, too, thought Jo was a little too bossy. Tom is a hunk. This does look like a good group.

Cindi, the pub is a great place for watching Survivor. You have done a great job decorating and the menu is scrumptous.

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