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$6 Billion a year!

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I was just doing a google search re: Judy Jarvis, who died of lung cancer. I stumbled across a site talking about how much money the federal ( not including the state) government collects annually in taxes , that they make more money than all the tobacco companys combined make in profit. That would be 6 Billion dollars a year collected in taxes. They made the point that none of this money is ear marked for CTs or lung cancer research, or cessation. It also makes the point that the states settlement with the tobacco companys $250,000,000 ( that is Billion) went into the general fund budget or the vast majority of it. Just something to think about. :roll:

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The attorneys who have profited from this and other similar suits should be required to return a percentage of the money they have made off the suffering of others into a lung cancer research pool.

Many plaintiff attorneys have said that they studeied law to" help others. "Personally, I would like to see them put their money where their mouths are and return a portion of their profits to those who need it most!

I could go on and on....just my opinion...


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Lynn what about the state and federal government? They are the ones that are really making the money AND CONTINUE to make the money with "sin" taxes.

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