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May I have the healthy girl pass?


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I hate to do it but I find myself in need of a hall pass. I hope I can return it to you soon. I have just been too depressed lately and upset about all the sad and bad news. I am in limbo right now about my own health (waiting for 3 months or so to do another scan to see if this thing on my spine is still there or bigger) and I care too much about everyone here. I need to get myself in shape so that I can help. I still intend to read some but probably will not post for a week or more. Thanks in advance for understanding.


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With your situation and everything going on here it can get to be very depressing. It really hurts to read that someone got a bad scan or their chemo isn't working.

You have alot to deal with waiting for your own scan.

I had this scare in my December scan, a nodule on my adrenal gland was smaller than it was the ct scan before which left me wondering. Did it shrink because I was taking chemo or was it just fatty tissue? I still don't know, won't know until mid March but I had to take time off to catch my breath and try to let go of some of my depression. It's so hard, take time to rest and hopefully enjoy those two cutie grandsons of yours.


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I get it. WE have had some rough weather recently...a few storms, and then a little sunshine and some more hail.

Then a party while it was still cloudy at Fay's ....she brought out the drums and kilts and scotch.. helluva party..chocolate and just pure craziness over there. So you missed that party..dang.

Well.. when you are ready..you come'on back. It is a roller coaster ride, for sure.

love, Cindi o'h

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