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Everything is OK


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Hi Sharon,

So glad to hear that everything is ok!!! It's so scary isn't it. I went for a mammogram yesterday and it's always nerve wracking because I've had a history of fibroadenomas (2 were surgically removed 4 and 6 years ago) which my mom did as well. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 but has done quite well. Now that there's a history I'm more nervous.

Last evening I decided I'd reward myself with a stress reducing, relaxing bubble bath after getting the "squishing" overwith. I had a panic stricken moment when I caught sight of what appeared to be a big bruise on my breast. Well, I did the double take with adrenalin pumping and quickly realized that I hadn't pealed the blue strip that they place over the scars from previous incisions. Whew, what a sense of relief I and even chuckled to myself at my "self induced panic."

I think it's time to destress with a little sip of a dry white wine. Have a wonderful weekend!


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