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Promising God


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Yesterday my sister is wondering if my dad's faith is enough to go into heaven since my dad had delusions around his repent and, he was a new born believer around 1 month before his death. He never went to church while he was on earth so I agree he doesn't know much of the words from Bible.

What triggered my sister suddenly worried about this as my mother 2 days ago dreamed about my dad's lining up to wait for the food because my dad has delusions too at that moment so she's with him to wait. My mom told this dream to my sister. So my sister worried that if this dream is a sign from dad. She worried about if my dad is not qualified being in heaven then he now probably has nothing to eat, to wear, to be accommodated...etc. Because in chinese beliefs, all people who died, get their food, cloth, any necessities from the sacrifice (lighting candles, food, paper cloth...etc) burnt by the relatives who's living on earth.

So, I then on the same night I prayed to God to give me a dream to ensure my dad's salvation. I also tell my dad to tell me directly in dream because I may have bias because of my religion. I want the truth.

But God is really good, especially while the subject is talking about His Salvation. Last night while I slept, I dreamed about my dad is dying in my arm, I look at his face and he points to the ceiling with a smiling face, then I look up without seeing anything then I look at his face again, he lift his both hands up and then he is being lifted and raised to the sky....dream then ended. I got the answer and I am assured that my dad is in heaven, his salvation is guaranteed for dad. I don't know this dream is from God or from Dad. But now I have the answer.

Today I gave my sister a call and told her about this dream. I think she is much relieved.

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What a wonderful experience. My friend's dad was Buddhist and a Christian-hater all his life. On his death bed, he had visions of all of the great spiritual leaders. He saw Buddha and said that he was happy and laughing. He saw Christ and said there was so much beauty and love. My friend wrote a book about her life and her dad's experience. The name of the book is Toward the Light, Lois R.R. Shikuma. What her father experienced on his death bed was amazing, to say the least. He had an experience that can only be described as a miracle. His hard heart went to mush when he realized the power of love and the truth of that power. I believe that her father is also in heaven.

My friend, Lois, is not Christian, but only tells what her Dad experienced.

I do know a little about the Chinese gifts. It is a wonderful way to remember the love of our ancestors and friends.

Thanks for sharing this Berisa. I liked it. I think your Dad is in heaven too. You don't have to go to church to go to heaven. I don't think so.

love, Cindi o'h

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I have recently been taught and believe that you do not have to "go to church" to be a Christian. My very best friend has a special place out at the lake near here and she will go out there in the evenings, sometimes alone, sometimes not. This is her "church" her time, her way with god. It has been thru her, that I have been able to know that I am a Christain and worthy of Gods blessings even though i do not go to church every week. As long as you have accepted him into your life and asked for repentance of your sins, you will go to Heaven. That is where you Dad is Berisa, I have NO doubt about that.

God Bless


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Thank you for sharing that. What was a beautiful answer for you. That should give you and your sister peace.

Of course you do not have to be a Christian to go to heaven. I am Jewish and I know that is where I will go. I may not belive in Jesus (as a savior) but I definitely believe in G-d in heaven. And he is the one I have to answer too.

Take care Barisa and know that he is happy and in a better place.


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