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mom started chemo


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The doctor decided on carbo taxol. She has to have probably four rounds, once a month, for SIX hours. wow. She had her first round wed. night. He told her she'd probably loose her hair in three weeks.

So, do any of you have experience with this? Why so much at once? Is this a 'normal' treatment plan? The cancer appears to just be in some nodes in the upper body.

I've read the chemocare web page, but would love to hear from your personal experiences about this.

God is good, He has given strength and peace that surpass all understanding.

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Carbo/Taxol was my first line chemo treatment also. It is really strong, and there are alot of pre-meds that they give you in your iv prior to administering the actual chemo. That is why it takes so long. Some people do very well on this chemo. I did not have any shrinkage, however and the side effects, nausea, hair loss, fatigue, metallic taste were pretty hard on me. Others, however, have continued to work through treatment, so it just differs.....


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Yes, those premeds... mom had an allergic reaction to those. She couldn't breathe! Praise God the nurse was still in there when it happened, within three minutes of starting it. They decided it was just going in too fast, so they slowed it from 30 minutes to 1 hour and she had no problems. Last night her face got all red. She called the infusion center and they said it was normal. :(

I'm just pleading the Blood over her all day. I'm praying this chemo won't destroy her healthy cells in the name of Jesus. Gotta have Faith.

thank you TAnn.

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Greg did 3 rounds. It didn't work for him. But other than anemia, he really had very little side effects. He also kept most of his hair. Its hard to tell because he's already bald from the whole brain radiation. The doctor told me that it takes a long time because they have to do a lot of fluids and other drugs just to lessen the side effects.

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I did 4 rounds of Carbo/Taxol, every 3 weeks for 6 hours. Can't say I enjoyed it but the side effects can be dealt with. I had trouble with nausea but they gave me some pretty potent anti nausea medication and it helped.

I also had joint pain and extreme fatigue, I'm just now getting some energy back. The hair will take awhile to grow back but it's the least of my worries with this nasty cancer.

I can't say whether or not it actually helped me since I am stage 1 but I can say it can be done and I wouldn't hesitate tto do it again.

Good luck, your mom will get through it.


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Hi TAnn,

I was on carbo & taxol. Because I've always had problems with allergic reactions to meds, they broke mine down. I had about 2 & 1/2 to 3 hour treatments every week for 3 weeks then 1 week off for 6 months. The first week I had an allergic reaction & they slowed it down to where it took a total of 4 & 1/2 hrs. I was fine every week after that.

If I remember correctly, it was week 3 or 4 when my hair started coming out. It was coming out in huge clumps & when It started clogging the tub drain, I had my husband shave it.

The only side effect that doesn't seem to want to go away is the numbness of the feet & legs. I've kind of gotten used to it now. That started about the same time as the hair loss. I've been off the treatment for about 5 weeks now.

At my 3 month scans I had dramatic reduction in size & quantity of tumors. I have scans this coming Monday. We'll see how that goes. Your Mom should fare even better since she's not as far along in her disease as I was if I remember correctly (I've taken my night meds & I'm getting a little loopy).

My prayers are with you both.


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Thank you all for sharing and for your prayers and being positive.

What do you take for the pain, bone pain, mostly her hips? She's hurting pretty bad today and the advil isn't helping.

Also, should she not be around crowds and/or sick people? and for how long? as long as she's doing chemo? I know she had to get a shot in the stomach, something to do with the blood count (to help fight infection?) and she has to start taking antibiotics in two days as well. My youngest has a cough, he gets sinus infections a lot, so I'm afraid to bring him around her too. :( This is so hard.

Thank you all, you're a big help to me.

God bless,


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my husband completed 6 weeks of this and did not lose much if any hair. so apparently not everybody has to have this side effect. he has not been nauseous either. tingling in hands and feet plus minor aches and pains have been the only bad effects. of course we won't know til wednesday if it did any good.

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TAnn, sorry your mom is hurting. That is always distressing for the family. I has carboplatin and taxotere once every three weeks from July 2004 until the first part of Dec. 2004. Didn't shrink anything but at least I was stable. Lost all my hair after the second chemo treatment. Took enough meds to stock a pharmacy it seemed, but they did control the bad side effects. keep on encouraging you mom and giving her lots of positive feedback. My husband has been such an encouragment to me. He is a person who is very positive and has a "never say die" attitude. God is the source of all good things. His mighty right hand is holding and sheltering us in this fight. And that is exactly what He does for all those who put their trust in Him. Things don't always work out exactly as we think they should but He knows the best plan for each one. that is a great comfort to me and my family. praying for your mom, you and your family. pammie

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I was on carbo/taxol.

I have done some reading on them and they are pretty standard for nsclc.

I just wanted to add that the redness in your mom's face is probably due to the steroids that they give her prior to the infusion. Everytime my face would get that prednisone flush.

As far as the bone pain is concerned. I remember it. I couldn't get rid of it either. It was annoying and irritating to me more than anything. I hope that hers is not too severe.

I will be looking forward to progress on the shrinkage.

Cindi o'h

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Carole, I'm praying it did do good for your husband. I'm glad he didn't suffer a lot through it.

Pammie, that is our attitude exactly. Thank you so much for the confirmation! :) God is so good. It's just awesome to sit back and watch Him work. He just amazes me.

Cindi, thank you. I spent the day with her yesterday. She said God had blessed her, the pain had lightened up some. I rubbed her feet and knees and back. It helped a little. :) Mostly her hips and knees are hurting now, but bearable with advil.

I think she was beginning to question even getting another round of this chemo. (she may still be, we'll have to wait and see)

Also, I just found out that the doctor is calling this lymphoma. I guess that would be reasonable to say, since the only involvement is nodes in the upper body.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!!

I'm praying for you all as well.

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