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Bad News

Remembering Dave

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Karen and I went to my Radiologist this morning and got even another surprise. He verified that yes, there does appear to be a tumor on the surface area of my liver, He did not give me any kind of a measurement on it but indicated that it is pretty large, will have to get more specific info on this. He then said that the PET Scan showed it had also spread to my lower spine and hip bones. My Oncologist is out of town until next week so we have an appointment to see him on Wed. to go over any treatment options which might be available etc, etc. and get a plan of action. In the meantime we are all going to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus tomorrow. I played trumpet in the band for several years back in the 80's whenever they came to town. Faith should love it, if she can stay awake. Please keep us in your prayers

David C.

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Lots of prayers, please, please, everybody.


P.S. The circus sounds good! But how they've remained successful after their best trumpet player left the band, I'll never know. Oh well, Faith would have wanted to sit in the band with you, anyway. Hope you all have a great time there.

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Hi David.

Thanks so much for posting this. It has got to be a blow. So sorry the news was not good. I think of you daily. I really do. I am hoping that when you see the the onc. that he will have a plan of successful treatment for you.

I am so glad that in spite of this, that you are out there being a Dad and living in the moment. Thank you for sharing that inspiration. I am also feeling your sister's pleas for prayers. I know what that feels like on her end...not fun..and quite helpless.

Have fun at the circus and enjoy every minute of it.

love, Cindi o'h

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This is not the news you were hoping for. I know how devastated you must be right now, but I see that positive attitude shining through. My prayers have been sent for you. I hope for your continued strength and a wonderful day at the circus.


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Enjoy the circus. I can smell the popcorn and the elephants and the NASTY clowns. :lol: Personally, I never liked clowns. My uncle had a clown picture he gave us years ago and I swear the eyes would follow you around the room!! :)

Dave, you're gonna conquer this. You're a strong guy and a strong family. You've been through so much. God will give you a break, I know He will. Prayers for you all.


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