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radiation and chemo side effects


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My sister was dxed with sclc in July 2004. She received Camptosar and Radiation. Her cancer was dxed very early. The problem is that now that she's finished her chemo, she has tingling down her arm, pain and burning around her bra line, ringing in the ears, etc. Is this normal. I know that Camptosar is laced with cisplatin(platinum) which causes the ringing in the ears but is it normal to have this burning sensation around her bra line and down her arm. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I personally didn't have pain around that area, but I did have and still do have numbness in my feet and sometimes in my hands as a result of Cisplatin chemo. Maybe the pain is nerve damage (neuropathy?). You could post your question to the experts board. They'll respond with more knowledge. But hope your sister is doing well. I guess some of the side effects of these therapies are something we have to endure.


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Lynne -

Although my docs won't acknowledge or explain it, I STILL two years after treatment (no surgery) have aches under my arm, in my chest and back and shoulder (which were my original syptoms that made me go to the doc). They're minor, but there, and I take Celebrex daily to combat it.

They say there's no reason for it - but if the Celebrex helps, okay.

I say it's one of two things"

#1 - The scar tissue from radiation in my lung is heavier and less flexible than healthy tissue and sitting or pressing on some nerves.

#2 - That the radition did some damage to some of the nerves. They look at me like I'm nuts, but come on - it's intensive stuff. I think they just won't admit it from a legal standpoint - which is just crazy - I would just like to KNOW.

Hugs and prayers,


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