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what is best way to dispose of meds that are left over?


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After my hubbie passed away we were left with a huge bag of meds (prescriptions) that he had tried or that were left over. I called the hospital and the pharmacy and asked how to best get rid of them and was told to flush them down the toilet.

But recently I read an article stating that some meds were not best to be flushed as they may enter the water system, etc. etc. It was suggested that it may be better to mash them up, put them back in the containers and then place them in the garbage.

I wonder what are some of your thoughts on this problem.

My hubbie was an environmentalist and would want this done right. :?:

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Well another option is to return them to your pharmacy to dispose of them. At my job if a med is discontinued we have the nurse sign off, place it in a med disposal box and return it to the pharmacy for disposal. Check and see if that is an option for you.

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I agree with Rochelle. Take all the bottles back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. If mail-ordered them or they were delivered, call the provider for directions on how to dispose of properly.

Thanks for thinking with respect for the environment and others' safety.

- Teresa

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