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Don Wood

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Don, I haven't been able to get the hang of the avatars either.Mabe us older guys can get some step by step instructions from the others.

A lot of the members seem to be able to change them often and with no problems.

Who knows,when I started here I couldn't even type.Now thanks to Ry,Mr Ry,OK Debi,Bruce,Snowflake,& several others I can now type with TWO fingers.And I might add,occasionally do up to 5 to 10 words per minute.

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That's okay Don. At least you figured it out. Iam so dense when it comes to computer stuff. I have a picture of myself and one of these days I'll send it to Rick for him to install for me. It's the only way it'll ever get on the board. lol. Take care.

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Peggy (stand4hope) to the rescue! She E-Mailed me that she could down size the picture and give me instructions on how to put it in. So I sent her the picture by E-Mail, she downsized it, E-Mailed it back. I went into the profile and followed her instructions. VOILA! New pic! Thanks many bunches, Peggy! Don

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Hi Don and Lucie,

Your pic is real nice. It's nice to see you guys, and get to know who we are conversing with. One of these days I will post a pic of Joel and me.

Maybe we can have a link that we can put pics in for others to view. You know, kids, grandkids, animals etc. Whatever.....

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the pic is nice and I hope Lucie is doing well.


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