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got a dumb question


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I agree --no questions are dumb except the ones that go unasked. I think remission in cancer terms means no evidence of disease after there was evidence of disease. It is a term oncs like to use instead of "cured" because it reminds us the dang thing could come back. Don

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Complete remission refers to the situation where the disease disappears completely with the treatment.

Partial remission refers to the situation where the disease shrinks but does not disappear completely with the treatment


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Hi Ray,

Remission is the partial or complete disappearance of the clinical(ex.medical tests) and subjective (perceived)characteristics of a chronic or malignant disease, according to Mosby's medical dictionary.It can also refer to a period of time during which the above occurs.

I hope it's a word you become well-aquainted with!


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I am not sure exactly what the medical community thinks is remission vs. NED, but when I speak with people about this, I do not use the term "remission". Even tho that is, I THINK, what I am in :wink:

Remission is missunderstood by most folks. They have a tendancy to think it means a break in the desease, it's still there but inactive or not bad enough to make you sick, and you are in a TEMPORARY period of wellness. I don't want them to think I am automatically going to get it again.

In my situation, I don't tell them I am "cured", I tell them I have NED and if they ask further, I tell them there is always a small chance of re-occurance (I am careful not to say "come back". I want them to know it's GONE, not hiding or on vacation :wink: but the odds are overwhelmingly in my favour. This is the truth without giving the gory details and it seems to "unscare" most folks.

This also seems to make a difference in thier attitude and the way they treat me. I don't get a lot of "Oh poor yous", tiptoing and the other stuff that goes with it. You all know what I am talking about.

It helps that I was a symptomatic at DX as well. They see me now as I was the day before surgery, outwardly healthy and active and I think it gives them a certain comfort level and OKness with it.

Well, they do see ONE big difference. I don't always have a smoke in my hand :wink:

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