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Gemzar and hair loss ? Flavopiridol?


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My wife is considering a trial with Gemzar and flavopiridol. Her hair has been slowly but steadily returning after her whole brain radiation and initial chemo. We know that hair loss is listed as a "rare" side effect from Gemzar, hair thinning more common. She so doesn't want to lose what has come back, what has been everyone's experience with Gemzar? And any one had any experience with flavopiridol?

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I took Gemzar and Carboplatin from Nov. 03 until Aug. 04 and did have a thinning of the hair. In August of 04, started up with iressa and still have a thinning of hair. But as I said it is a thinning and my head is still covered nicely with hair. The bang area is the thinnest. But it seems to be growing back at the same time. I have had no experience with the other product. Marion

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Thank you all for your responses. Very helpful. Many of you had gemzar with carboplatin for which, I think, hair loss is a common side effect, so maybe Gemzar won't be too hard on my wife's very precious hair. Alimta is also a possible choice, if the trial doesn,t work out, so shineladysue your husbands experience is very encouraging. Thanks. And good luck to all!!

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