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Anyone been on Topotecan?


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I know we all react differently.....but just wondered if any of you have had experience with Topo given alone. (Well, alone but for the premeds).

I start tomorrow and he's going to give me five doses, condensed into four days....if that makes sense. That way, I can go in Friday for a Neulasta shot.

I tolerated the carbo and etoposide SO well last time, I'm not really overly concerned....but obviously my general condition is not as good now as it was before the last rounds of chemo and all that radiation. I guess Topo can be hard on bone marrow, and therefore the cells. As for nausea....perhaps a tad worse there too.

Anyway, I'm PLANNING on not having any major reactions :roll: ...but just wondered who among you has had this chemo and how you fared with it? TIA for any responses.

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a bit of fatigue he did really well. Also, it WORKED! His 2 tumors in his lung and the small mets in his liver all disappeared.

Wow, that sounds pretty positive!! Thanks, Katie, for the info. Yet another tidbit of positive info to hang my knitted cap upon. :wink:

I collect these wee bits like fairy dust to sprinkle in my brain to offset the fear, you know? So much better to seek out the positives than to get logjammed in the negatives.

Anyone else with a tidbit of info?

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Hi Addie,

I've never posted a reply but thought I could offer some info from my husband's treatments. He's doing the Topotecan now and has been on it quite a while (see profile). He's due for a scan soon but the Topo has been holding him stable. He did not lose his hair (maybe a little thinning but not much) and has had some trouble with his counts. But considering he has been undergoing some sort of chemo almost without a break for about 13 months, he's tolerating it fairly well.

He was giving himself 7 Neupogen shots after each 4 day treatment and he does a weekly Procrit. Now that he is on a weekly one-day schedule (he gets 1/2 of the full dose on Monday of each week), his white count is okay right now. He did get another Transfusion because his red counts dropped again, but the number wasn't as low as it has been so I think that is slowly improving.

He is tired, but no nausea. He has been wanting alot of vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping, so stock up!

Just another experience but wanted you to know that I am out here if you have any other questions as you start the Topotecan journey. My thoughts are with you,


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