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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I can't possibly reply to all the posts and PM's that I have received over the past several days. I wanted to say thank you!

My brother and family came to see me this weekend, then I have developed strep throat (we think) and yet another yeast infection in my throat. The doctor is treating me for both just to be safe. I called him and within 10 minutes he was back on the phone issuing orders. He likes me cause I keep all my meds and can just start taking them, had to remind him that he is the one who gives 6 refills on everything!

Who would have figured that this would all happen...........ME! The snowball effect

Thank goodness my throat has not closed up as bad as last time to put me in the hospital. Been taking lots of Xanax, pain killers, ice chips and ice cream. Been sleeping a lot from chemo too. Most of the times I'm up it's watching movies with the kids (if I can stay awake) or deciding what favorite restuarant we can go to once Mom can swallow again. The kids have a list and we are hitting everyone as soon as I can swallow.

Following other members progress on the Alimta drug and so far, had one day with nausea that I started eating several little meals instead of three regular, which has always been better for me.

My husband feels helpless about how to handle any of this, he's at the grocery store buying everything he can think of to make me my favorite soups.

Just wanted to say thanks and tomorrow has the potentional for a good day!

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Thats our Beth,,,,,,,,,back in the groove.... Seriously,,, you are truly an inspiration to me. How you handle all that you have on your plate and still have a sense of humor. Beth,,, you are an amazing woman!!!!! I like eating out,,,, I hope you end up with a list a mile long, cuz you know you will have to try each one!

Peace and blessings


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Beth, we can relate to the thoat and what feels good. Lucie's allergies have kicked in and so her sinuses are clogged and draining, leaving the throat not feeling so good. We went out last night and had a Wendy's Frostie, which made the throat feel oh so much better. Hope yours heals real soon. Don

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Hey Beth

I was thinking of you this morning, I knew I hadnt seen anything fromyou since the "idiotic post" and was hoping that didnt run you off. I feel sure many would have found a way to your house, beat the door down, whatever it took to get you back on here!!!

So glad to see that good ole Beth is back. You never cease to amaze me with you spirit and attitude. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,


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Hi Beth,


Good to hear from you, you sound up and you are back in your funny mode. Missed that, glad you are back!!

I hope your throat feels better soon, so you can get to the kids favorite restaurant and get out of the house.

I hope the Chemo is going good and not giving you too many side effects.

Take care, I am sure you will keep us posted.


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You just kick some cancer arse, Beth....that's your first order of business....and we'll all be hoping and vibing for NO MORE NASTY SIDE EFFECTS OR SIDE ISSUES.

Glad you can spend some easy time with your kids watching movies. It's not what you do together, so much as that you ARE together. It's hard when you feel like bird poop, to be the kind of mom you want to be for your kids. But I know you keep trying and I know your humor (being such a big part of who you are) has got to be a great boon with the kids too!

Hang in. I'll be joining you tomorrow in the chemo trenches. We can pass a few vibes back and forth, eh? :wink:

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Hi Beth, I was relieved to see you back on here...I can imagine you can't possibly reply to all those who are posting and pming you - there are so many people concerned and caring for you! Hopefully with that many sending you good thoughts you will bounce back and beat that nasty throat stuff but good! Still sending prayers and healing thoughts to you constantly...that Alimta will be the ticket to your beating this once and for all!

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