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Questions about Avastin Clinical Trial


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My father may have the opportunity to participate in a Clinical Study testing Avastin on NSCLC. He has already tried Carboplatin and Taxol and it didn't seem to have an effect. His oncologist briefly mentioned Gemzar (sp?) and another drug as a likely next chemo regimine until this clinical trial came to his attention.

These are the three possible treatments he could get (patients for each are chosen randomly):

1. Avastin and Tarceva

2. Avastin and Docetaxel

3. Docetaxel and placebo

We are meeting with the nurse next week to see if he has an opportunity to participate according to his current health and strength. We will be asking questions, the main one being, are there any of the three options above that would likely give him less of a shot at a good result as the "standard next chemo" (although I know choosing the right chemo is an art not a science).

I was wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this? As I'm sure everyone has discovered, it is extremely helpful to get antecdotal information so that you ask the right questions, etc.

Thank you!

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I was in a clinical trial with Avastin, carboplatin, and taxol. As you can see from my signature, I stayed on the Avastin for several months with no progression after finishing the carbo/taxol. I know one other person who was getting Avastin in the clinical trial I was in and had progression in about the same amount of time that I did. The trial was comparing carbo/taxol alone or with Avastin. The results are in yet as far as whether there was a difference between the two groups.

I really didn't notice any side effects with the Avastin except after the first dose when I had a rash.


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Thank you for the information. This is a Phase 2 trial. One of my dad's hesitations is all of the testing you have to do when you participate in trials. From my perspective I like the idea of extra care and observation, but I'm not the one who has to go to the doctor to get the tests.

If anyone else has any perspective on this trial, please chime in.

Thank you very much.


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There shouldn't be all that much more involved. While I don't know about this trial, my mom was on one for Velcade. She did have to get extra bloodwork, but generally they were doing that at the time of normal blood draws. Ct scans on week 6 every cycle. I don't think that's too unusual, either.

Just don't let him agree to be followed with a telepone survey. My mom did (always wants to help others, bless her heart), and the "just a few minutes" turned into a 20 minute phone call several times a month with an automated system. There was no opportunity for input other than the automated answers, so I guess they are only interested in the side effects they know about, not what patients are really experiencing! :x

Anyway, as long as he doesn't get a placebo only, do look into this trial.

Good luck,


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