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Good Luck to Addie on Monday! Good vibes coming your way!


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I can't stand that this is happening to you. I can't stand that this happens to any of us. I know you will be better than fine w/ new chemo as you put me to shame the last time w/ that darn positive attitude of yours and did so incredibly well.

Good luck Monday and warm thoughts and hugs are coming your way.

Will be thinking of you.



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Thanks, Jen. 8)

I'm ready. In a much stronger frame of mind now than I was a week or so ago. Ready to do battle. We all know it feels better somehow when we feel like we're actively doing something....like getting the chemo! :roll:

Tummy is even better today. Found the magic duo....Oxycodone and Zofran, as prescribed by the doctor on call this morning. Worked like a charm on my nauseous gut!


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