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In sadness, my thanks


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It is with great sadness that I write with the news of my father's passing. On Sunday, February 13, my beloved Daddy passed on to eternal rest. I have been thinking about posting on this board for a few days, but life has been strangely busy - with the wake, memorial service, putting finances in order, etc.

On Friday (2/11), the doctors decided that they needed to get a small biopsy from my dad's lung to determine the cause of his respiratory distress. The doctors assumed it was radiation pneumonitis, but wanted to rule out all options to confirm he was being properly treated. My dad was anxious (and the steroids didn't help), but we kissed him goodbye and promised to see him when he "woke up" from this very simple procedure. He was in a relatively good mood, and we had spent the whole day with him.

My dad never properly woke up from the anasthesia. As we later found out (on Saturday night), he suffered a massive brain stem stroke during the surgery. On Sunday, as per his wishes, we removed the ventilator and allowed my dad to join God. The doctors told us that although LC had not directly caused my dad's death, the stroke was likely a result of the cancer, the steroids, and the strain of the treatment on his body.

As many of you can imagine - or understand too well, I am overwhelmed with grief and sadness. I loved my dad so much, and I am so scared. I am only 27, and I can't imagine how my life will go on without him.

Before I go, I just want to thank everyone who participates on this board. This board has been an enormous source of hope and optimism, and it helped me get through the toughest four months of my life. So, thank you. And God bless all of you.

Through many tears,


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so sorry to hear about your papa. my mother is pretty much sinking under right now and i've been thinking about the "orphan" experience.

i have told my mom is that she showed me all these years how to live and that she is now showing me how to die. she's a little impatient with her process.

one thing is sure: there will be no excuses for not acting like the adult in the family!

i hope you find some new horizons glimmering and bright.

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Oh Kate, my condolences on the passing of your dad. My heart goes out to you as that must have been such a shock to lose him that way.

Just remember that he left that sick physical body but his sole lives on and he is free of pain. He will always look out for you. You just have to talk to him in a prayer or meditation.

Just cherish all those wonderful memories you had together.

Peace be with you.


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Dear Kate,

I'm so sorry about your father. But I know he died surrounded by love and that his memory will help you as you learn to get along without him, hard though that may seem to you at this time. Having it happen that quickly makes it a little more difficult to deal with, but the loss of a parent or loved one is always difficult no matter how much you prepare yourself for it. Know that we're all thinking of you at this time.


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