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Financial Markets and Pharm. Co's


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Hi All,

I work in the stock market, and we have clients in Pharm Co. Stocks, this is a newer field for me as i was previously in ins, retirement plans admin and instituational accts. Anyway my boss told me to get on a conference call and listen to results of drug trials on a particular stock for Lupus. I listened to the trial information and altough it seemed like they didn't have a great success they did have some positive and hopeful and results especially in advanced disease progression, it was suggested that the control group could have been set up differently and perhaps the program would have had a better result. I thought the call was positive and we sat down to discuss the results of the call my boss said "wait a minute you are confussing two seperate issues here" there are small success with treatment, but is it profitable?? Everyone dumped the stock, the small pharm. co lost Millions of dollars. They said in a press conference that they were to open with there information, which was a mistake. In the financal world were there is no concern for health, just the bottom line it doesn't seem fair! I hope the co. continues on with their research as they have made gains and are the only working on new trmt option. My boss seems to think that they are in a dismal place financially and no one will pick up their stock again.

I quess that if your going to have a disease at least get one like cancer that many people have?

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It is sad but true. Doctors can no longer dictate how they practice medicine. It all comes down to whether insurance will pay for the procedure. The procedure may be absolutely life saving, but if insurance is not going to pay, too bad. Many doctors are just starting to protest the hold that insurance companies have on the practice of medicine.

When one looks at what the drug companies have to go through, just to get a drug on the market, you understand why drugs are so expensive. The actual manufacturing cost of many drugs is actually low. Its all the regulatory crap that the companies have to go through that drives the cost of drugs up.

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