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I have noticed that several people have been put on steroids for various reasons here on the board. I was recently prescribed Methylprednisolone tablets in a 7 day cycle (starts out 28 mg and decreases daily by 4mg until gone). I have had to take this twice over the last two months.

On the drug information sheet they give you tons of warnings about letting god and the world know over the next 12 months that you have taken these pills. Any ailments, bleeding or whatever to be concerned.

Anyone know why? PS: I am not losing sleep over it or anything more so just really puzzled about it.



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Hi Wendy.

If I remember correctly, that the steroids can interfere with the healing process. I had a cholecysectomy soon after I was on the steroids. I informed the surgeon. She didn't ask the dose or how long I had been on them. She just said, "oh. that's okay." Like.. no big deal. And those surgeons seem to know.

Maybe there is something else too. But, that is all that I can think of right now.

It says tell the dentist too, right?

Cindi o'h

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You can't abruptly stop prednisone. Or more accurately, you SHOULD not. People on pred are usually "weaned" off of it. I was started on 10 mgs. back in August 2003 for Polymyalgia Rheumatica.....sort of "arthritis of the muscles". I'm down now to 5 mgs. and weaning off, 1 mg. per month....but was told if I ever was hospitalized to be SURE to let them know I was on it.

I guess the effect on the body if you just STOP taking it can be severe. I have a post it note thingie on the back of my driver's license...just in case I ever end up in the hospital alone...unconscious...whatever....where I can't TELL them.

Probably a better idea is to keep a list in our purses or wallets that lists all our meds. I do have a list on my computer that I update...and if I go to a new doc, I hand him the sheet with past medical history, all surgeries and any meds I'm on, and the dosage.

It's easier than trying to remember it all sometimes, you know? :roll:

Anyway, I digress...but again, you need to come off pred little by little. It can make you more prone to bruising and bleeding but it's a miracle drug in so many ways. Can take care of inflammation like a champ and it's even an appetite enhancer! But stop taking it abruptly....and I guess it can cause some real problems. Not sure what.....as I follow my doc's "weaning" instructions to the letter!! :wink:

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If I understand correctly corticosteroids suppress the body’s production of cortisol by the adrenal gland. Cortisol helps the body cope with physical and emotional stress.

To quote from one website: "A person who takes corticosteroids, or has taken the equivalent dose of 20 mg or more of cortisone daily for two or more weeks within the past two years may have negatively affected the function of their adrenal gland. Any procedure that causes an elevated level of physical stress can be expected to challenge the adrenal gland to produce increased amounts of cortisol to combat that stress. If the adrenal gland cannot produce the required cortisol, the patient can succumb to a rare, but often fatal condition called acute adrenal insufficiency."

That's why you have to gradually decrease the dosage, to give the adrenal gland time to start producing cortisol on its own.


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