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An Update on the Smiling Biker

David P

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Hey everyone. Hope you're all making the best out of your own situations.

I have just recently had a situation present itself that I found was too hard to ignore; it sort of snuck up on me, slapped me in the face and said, (in a Clint Eastwood voice) "go ahead, I dare you". Let me fill you in...

After finding this website last Nov. and getting to know most of you (you know there's 154 people on this site that have zero posts - I think if I have some time this summer, I'm going to PM all of you zero posts and say HI!!) Anyway, after getting to know most of you and your situations, I felt as though I had taken my longevity for granted, and started thinking what could I do to give back. Being active on this message board is a real joy for me, but I wanted to do more. And yes, It did come down to biking.

Each year I race in about 10 to 16 mountain bike races. There are a lot of competitors and spectators at each race. None of them know (except my riding buddies) that I race with one lung. I usually place third or fourth from last in my age category, but that's OK - my goal is not to come last - and I even won a race last year! So, I started thinking, "what if I made it known that I'm racing with one lung. It might make a good enough story that I could tie it in with fundraising for lung cancer research at each of the races I attend." Well, I've been too busy to get it going, but I did contact the Canadian Cancer Society, and they agreed to support me should I need it.

That takes us to a couple of weeks ago. One of the races I ride in each year is the 24hrs of Adrenaline mountain bike race, which is mainly a team relay. I have been on a team of 4 or 5 for the past three years.

The first rider rides the 7 or 8 mile lap up , and then down the mountain before passing the small batton to the next rider, who rides, then passes it on, and so on. After I ride my lap, there's three hours or so to eat, sleep, and work on the bike before I go out on my next lap. The goal is to see which team can ride the most laps of the course in 24 hrs. Well, you know, there is a SOLO category in this race. Yes, the goal is to see which individual can ride the most laps in the 24 hrs! The winner of the Elite group rode 19 laps in 24hrs last year. Our whole team rode 20 laps!! I've always thought the Solo riders were crazy. Until last year...

The Solo World Championships were at our race last year, and the guy who won the World Title in what would have been my category, (45 to 49 yrs) rode 12 laps in the 24 hrs. If you broke that down, it was about two hrs per lap. I was riding laps of 1:10 to 1:35. Can you see it comming?

Even if I were to slow down and pace myself, could I have ridden more laps than the guy who is now the World Champ? Here it comes...

SLAAAPPP!! (Clint) " Go ahead, I dare you. Bet you can't do it." Well, guess what? Of course I can do it. Now, of course, there's no way the one lung guy could ever qualify to get to the world Championships (you must be in the top three in your category to get a spot in the Worlds - which are at Whistler this year, only 150 miles from where I live). Or could he? Nope. There are two age categories at the 12hr qualifying race, -30 and +30. If the one lung guy has to race against

30 yr olds, there's no way he's getting to the Worlds. Or is he? There are always 30 spots available for local riders to just pay their money and ride the 24hrs, not as part of the Worlds, but amongst themselves.

Almost done.

I E-mailed the woman coordinating the Worlds to ask if there are any of the 30 local rider spots left, and said, "like gee wiz, it's too bad there are only two age categories in the 12 hr qualifying race." She responded by saying, There's lots of room left, but don't worry agout the age categories; in the World Championships there are 5 year age categories. I'll take the results from the qualifying race and plug them into the our 5 yr categories. It looks like you're a shoe in to get to the Worlds."


Did you hear that?? A shoe in?? Could the one lung guy get to the World Championships?? If I got there, could I possibly win?? This changed everything!! I was on the phone to the Cancer Society, had to find a coach, needed a nutritionist, needed to start a crazy training schedule - only one month to the qualifier, and two months to the big one, I needed to find some sponsorship, and I had to start a fundraising campaign. PHEWF!!

Now, I was already working to plan a fundraiser event at the school I teach at that would support childhood cancer research and send kids to Camp Goodtimes - a free summer camp for kids with a history of cancer.

It is sponsored by the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock, which is a group of Vancouver Island police officers who bike ride for 12 days from the north end of Vancouver Island to the south end, stopping in each community for fundraising events like mass head shaving. I thought it would be a good idea to present my fundraising money to the Cops at that event, and asked if a certain percentage could be earmarked specifically for lung cancer. I was told if I'm presenting at the Cops event, it has to go to Cop for Cancer. The lady began to fill me in on how the donations were distributed -- 30% would go to Camp Goodtimes, and 70% would go to childhood cancer research. Do you guys know there are children as young as 5 and 6 yrs old with various forms of lung cancer? And she showed me two articles on on kids who have had lobectomies!! All of my donations will go to Cops for Cancer. And I'll get my head shaved too!!

The manager of the Fitness World Club has given me 6 months free working out time, and has offered to make up pro looking posters of me, send out press releases, and fundraise in his club for me. I have three weekend mall appearences set up with prize draws from local stores. I have three department stores competing against each other for fundraising, and I'm in the process of securing donations to cover some expenses to get to the two events with a support crew. (not a lot of luck with this yet, but once I get on TV and in the paper, that should change) And I'm even talking to a local community grocery chain to see if they can feed us.

So, to say the least, I have a pretty busy summer ahead of me. Think of me when you're sitting around your pool; I'll be the guy out there on training rides of 10 and 12 hours. But it will be well worth it. Take care everyone.

David Piercy

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THAT IS AWESOME DAVID! your truly and inspiration my friend. I love your attitude and your aura (even though I can't see you) just your energy in your posts and everything. :D

I wish you best of luck in all, and keep us posted. k :lol:



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WOW!! I ran out of breath just reading your post!! (okay, I admit..easy feat right now!)

I wish you lots of luck in your training...keep us posted (no pun intended!) on the dates and stuff!!

And in the words of our hero, Clint...go ahead, make our day!!! Go out there and kick butt!! :)


46 years old

Stage 1A

Surgery June 16, 2003, upper, mid lobe removed.

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I want to by just like you when I grow up. My bike rides are still not much over a mile at a time (too short of breath and too hot in Texas in the summer) but I am working to get my breath back after radiation stole it and I am planning to be riding 26 years from now.


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David P.

Awesome, simply awesome!!!!! ( Not to mention overwhelming, exhausting, daunting, etc., etc. 8) ) I'm so proud of you for doing this...all the effort, organization, energy, and commitment involved!

What are specific dates, times, and places for the qualifying and Grand Finale races?? ...I'm not that far away, you know! :D

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You are AWESOME!!!!

I have always admired you for coming here when you're cancer was so long ago. You are always so compassionate to everyone. I remember your post to me when my father was diagnosed.

You certainly turned something bad into something worthwhile for others. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

God Bless you.

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Dear Dave ....All this time I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop, or hearing about people waiting for the other shoe to drop.... and I've been wondering what happens to all those dropped shoes. Where do those shoes go? Well, I think I've figured it out. They're laying around out there in the big wide world just waiting to become "shoe ins". Yep.... I think that's what happens. It just takes the right person to come along to make something positive out of them.

I am proud to "know" you, David P. And I wish you every success.

Fay A.

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. It all comes down to a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do. There is no question in my mind; I will be on the podium at the World Championships.

Fresca - I've always had too much energy.

Donna - Thanks for the cheer.

Laurie - I could use another fan, it gets pretty hot cycling in the summer.

Terrie - Thanks for the cute rhyming tune.

Debi - I'm always looking for a new way to, "make my day". I found it.

Becky - Your breathing will get better, and your rides longer.

John - Thanks for the link.

Norme - Thanks for the good wishes.

Tiny - I'll keep you posted on the dates. Thanks for the support.

Ray - with what you're going through, YOU'RE AMAZING!!

Judy - Stop feeling guilty. Buy the bike, and find a nice bike path.

David C - I hear there's some great bike races down in West Virginia.

Cindy - Tis a far nobler thing to post on the LC board than to ride a bike.

Ginny - ride half way to the mailbox, then walk the rest of the way.

Peg - Thanks for the cheer.

Shelly - every survivor and caregiver here is stronger than they'll ever know.

Sandy - It's nice to have an officially reserved, "Gooooooo Dude!" Thanks

Linda - Thanks for your kind words.

David A - You can still be a cycling fanatic. Just take it easier.

Don & Lucie - Thanks. What you say means alot to me.

Susan M - My family thinks I'm crazy.

Fay - When she said, "shoe in" it was like a TON of shoes dropping!

and Gina - Crestline sounds like a wonderful place to bike. I think I'd like to cycle down there sometime.

THANKS EVERYONE, I'll keep you posted.

David P.

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