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Question about my Moms treatment


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Hello everyone I'm glad I found this site. My 76 yr. old Mom was diagnosed with limited stage SCLS last week. There is one part of her treatment that worries me. After she finishes her radation and chemo treatments the doctor wants to do a radation treatment to her brain as a precaution. This really worries me and I wonder if this is common and do you consider it safe?

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I had 13 days of PCI in November. It's quick and painless. If her doc recommends it...there is little to fear....some short term memory loss perhaps and of course, hair loss. It takes longer to grow back in from PCI than from chemo. As to the memory...well, as we get older we start to have a bit of that anyway, right? :wink: With PCI, though, we get a new excuse!! :)

Having the mask fit to her head can be disconcerting. They do a mesh mask to stabilize and hold your head still during radiation...which lasts only 20-30 seconds or so. But PCI is very precise....and that is good...so I just closed my eyes and didn't worry about the mask. The mask is attached to the table during radiation so you cannot move your head.

They will discuss it thoroughly in radiation too...and you should go with her so she has another pair of ears and someone to help her remember any questions. But it's really not a huge deal.

My hair is coming back now....so it took about 3 months to "grow a new crop" this time.

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