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Just thought I would give you guys an update. I don't post very often, but browse at least twice a day.

My mom finished her 4th round of Chemo on 7/3. She was a little bit anemic before the treatment. Of course, during that week, she was full of energy. She was cooking up a storm and feeling great. This week, she has lost a lot of her energy, but otherwise, feeling okay. Amazingly, she has never lost her appetite and is constantly trying to figure out what to eat next. It the only time in her life, someone has given her permission to not lose weight. She tells me she gets a little dizzy when she stands up. I haven't gotten too concerned because of the anemia. She is getting Aranesp shots every too weeks to help that. She doesn't have anything scheduled until the end of the month, so we have a few weeks off. Hopefully, she will continue feeling the same. Just wanted to keep you posted.

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Sounds like your mom is doing really well. My mom was diagnosed about the same time as yours with extensive SCLC with mets to liver, bones, lymph nodes. I was surprised to see that your mom was doing radiation, because my mom's onc told me that since she had "extensive" SCLC with metastisis, that they would not be doing radiation. So your mom should have a lot of hope, evidently her onc is doing a good job in fighting a good fight with her.

Great news about her appetite! My mom is getting thinner and thinner and it does worry me.

Just wanted to say, tell your mom she's doing great. Lots of hugs to her from me and other survivors here. :)

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My Mom said exactly the same thing about it being the first time in her life the docs don't want her to lose weight. She has actually gained weight over the almost three years of treatment, of course she is less active than before. Unfortunately, I've also gained weight with her, and besides stress, I have no excuse!

Wishing you continued success and all things good,


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Guest inviola

Where in Florida are you? My mother in law lives in Brooksville and goes to Oakhill for her treatments-she was diagnosed about the same time as your Mom! Her name is Marie and she is so optimistic-that's good. it is hard to be on the sidelines and feel so helpless.My MIL also tlks about her weight since she's gained on the chemo-but she smoked and drank a lot prior to diagnosis and so now is eating food instead -but she keeps asking her onc if she needs to diet-he about slapped her I think-he said NO WAY , you eat and enjoy!!!

Will keep your mom in my prayers-

my name is Jennifer also!!! :)

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