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Thought I could write my story, in part, to give hope to those who have SCLC and feel they are desperate. My particular diagnosis was SCLC - Limited. I was diagnosed in April, 2002; although I was having symptoms that were misdiagnosed from July 2001 until I found a great doctor in April 2002. I was told I had "pneumonia" "bronchitis" "don't know" etc. I was feeling awful, weak, no energy, horriblle cough, losing weight, till it got to the point around Dec. 2001 I was Christmas shopping and couldn't walk up the block without stopping many times to catch my breath. I found I couldn't make the bed in the morning without stopping many times to catch my breath. After going to the Primary care dr. who didn't know what was wrong, he did an x-ray and told me I should go to another dr. because he saw "something wrong." This other dr. put me in this horrible hospital in Queens, NY (where I wouldn't even put my dog) and they did a bronchoscopy on me. They left me in the recovery room for 24 hours, never telling me what was wrong, tied to the bed all night. My husband was left unaware of what was going on till he finally contacted the doctor who told him "your wife has inoperable cancer." He then hung up the phone. That dr. didn't have the professional ability to deal with me or my husband. He actually asked my husband if I knew! They put me in a bed and I think the next day another Johnny sunshine comes in to tell me, it's inoperable, did you smoke?, what did you expect, etc. etc. From there, I went to the best Dr. in the world in NYC. He read the reports, told me, yes this is tough, but we can go for a cure. What words !!! Today, 36 months later, I'm still here. There is hope. There is hope. I learned this - if you don't like the dr. then look for another one right away. The treatment is tough, but worth every minute. Those who love you will stick by you, no matter what. Cancer can be beat. Have faith. My best wishes go to everyone here who is suffering with this horrible disease. We can make it.



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