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Some good news, some bad...


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Hi All,

Got the reports from my most recent scans today.

Abdomen & Pelvis - NED, YAY!

Chest - 16mm irregular residual right hiliar mass (decreased from 20 mm in November) the one unfortunate thing is that I doubt it will continue to decrease since I am off of chemo now. I imagine once I've regained my strength from the previous chemo, they'll want to put me on something new.

Brain - 2 new tumors. 7mm right posterior parietal & 6mm deep left temporal, the latter involving posterior limb of internal capsule (whatever that means)

I'll be calling the onc tomorrow to set appt. I believe the new brain tumors can be zapped with the gamma knife radiation like the others were but I'm not certain. Will fill you all in after I speak to the onc.

Take care,


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This sounds like good news to me. I too had

the Lc and a brain tumor. I had surgery to remove

the brain met in April 2004. Then I has the Stereo

tactic Radiarion in June 2004. You can and will beat

this monster. Just stay positive and keep the faith. I hold you up in special prayer each day. Please keep us posted on how you are

doing. Glad to read when you are not able to post, your hubby can keep usposted.

God Bless and hugs,


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You keep on fighting girl! I know you are not looking forward to more "torture" (oh, I mean treatments :? ) but since you have seen some shrinkage it sounds like your body is responding!

Keep us posted on your Gamma Knife procedure. Knock those out!

Thoughts and prayers,


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It's like you say, Melanie. There's the good and the bad. We have to celebrate the good, and acknowledge the bad. Once we accept the negatives, we can begin look for ways of dealing with them.

Thank you for sharing how you will go about dealing with and living with what comes your way. YOU inspire me.

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Hi, Mealanie:

There is always the good and the bad (and the ugly), but let's try to concentrate on the positive and like someone else said, acknowledge the negative only enough to do what you need to do to turn it into a positive. It does seem your treatments are working, so here's great hope and good luck to you! Keep us informed. We're all rooting for you!


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I'm so sorry to hear your bad news, but so glad that it seems as if it was caught soon enough to do something about it. Best of luck to you.

Also if someone could help me, I have figured out most abrv. other than NED. Thanks in advance. This is all so new to me.


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