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Chemo Break?


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I have seen this mentioned. Do you generally continue on a chemo until it stops working or is there a set number of cycles and that is it? My husband has gone to Tampa today for a PET scan and on Monday we go over for a CT scan and talk to the Dr. They have him scheduled for chemo that day. However, he did not have great results with the first 2 cycles. If the liver does not respond I think they will take him off the chemo he is getting now. I would assume they would recommend some other kind. Since he is hopefully going to have cyberknife on his two tumors it seems to me he should go off chemo awhile just so he could feel better. On the other hand I don't want any new tumors to come up. I guess I am just wondering if it is best to stay on a chemo regimen as long as possible, or if it is ok to go off for awhile? Thanks.


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Because chemo has such a harsh effect on our bodies, they usually give you a break in between chemo's. For example I had 5 out of 6 treatments of Taxol/Carboplatin. My body could not handle any more due to low blood counts. I was put on a "chemo break" until further progression, which only took 2 months. Then I was put on Taxotere and again did not make the recommended 6 rounds because of low blood counts , however I was immediately started on Iressa with no break.

Good luck.


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Chemo is so hard on the whole body. If it is not significantly affecting the cancer what is the purpose of continuing with it. I took 6 months of chemo with almost no shrinkage or any of the tumors. I was glad to get off of something that made me feel bad and was not helping anyway. The chemo did keep me from getting worse so I can say that good thing. Am on Iressa and so far the side effects are very minimal. Seems like every person is different in their reaction to chemo and other meds. praying for your husband to respond wonderfully to the next treatments. pammie

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While I have not had more than one "round" of chemo & am not by any means hugely knowledgable, I believe that a break is a good thing. By the end of my chemo, my blood counts got so low & I was feeling so bad, the only thing that got me through was keeping my eyes on the newer CT scans thet was showing significant shrinkage. The Dr. would ask me each week toward the end of the 6 scheduled rounds, "Do you feel up to continuing?". While I wanted to scream at the top of my sick little lungs "NOOOO!!!!!", I kept in mind the shrinkage & uttered a weak "yes" & shuffeled my way into the chemo room. Since he is having no significant shrinkage, I believe the only answere for him is a resounding "NOOOO!!!!!". Especially considering his upcoming schedule.

Please keep in mind that this is not professional opinion but personal experience.

My prayers are with you both,


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