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Prayers for DAVID C!!!!!


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Just got back from the hospital.............David C is in the ER, had chemo yesterday and it really took a toll on him. LOTS of pain, nausea, weak.....well Karen or Becky will tell you more, I only know third party.

Got to meet big sister Becky too, that was neat!

Just wanted to mention that Dave needs our thoughts and prayers!

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And that explains why Karen is not at work answering e-mail :(

Suck a freaking duck #U%#%U*(#%U#*(%U#(A*%U#(_%U#*(%U#*(%U#*(%U#*(%U*#(%U#*(%U#*(!!!!! That was the best I could do to scream right now. Well not really, I just did bark out loud and my office is praying now for the Chapman family!!!

Beth--if you hear more, please update!

Thank goodness Becky is there to help out also.

Chapmans--WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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This is Karen. He's OK. well, he's okay, considering. Beth, by the time Becky got back to where we were after talking with you out in the waiting area, they had come in and said he could go home. his bloodwork all checked out OK and his sodium level, which I was SURE was dropping, was actually up by one point since last week. they just said the chemo, and probably the tumors, were kicking his butt.

I have never ever seen Dave so wracked in pain and nausea from chemo. and he's had some pretty toxic chemo, twice. wonder if it has something to do with the fact that his last chemo was only 6 weeks ago? I'm going to talk to Dr. S. today about it all. The ER docs called and talked to him. and I just talked to my Mom, who was supposed to have chemo today but Dr. S. said no because she's still not over the side effects from two weeks ago. and he's pulling one of her drugs altogether.

anyway, Dave is asleep now and I'm going to run a few errands, then get Aunt Becky to go with me to pick up Faith and bring them all back to our house for some supper tonight.

guess I'll try to work tomorrow, Becky will probably hang out with Dave (she got a hotel room so she could work using their high speed internet, we just have slow, patheticially slow dial up out here in the boonies).

please keep the prayers coming. AFter reading the topotecan brochure, I see how much we need them!

God Bless,


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Karen, my prayers are with all of you there! I do know the Topetecan was really harsh on Dennis. The Camptosar and CPT-11 were a walk in the park for him compared to the Topetecan. He had a really hard time with sodium levels and we had a couple of ER visits because of severe cramping/drawing of his hands. After he really started chugging the water big time, things seemed to get a little easier! Hang in there guys, we're all cheering you on!!!

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