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Remembering Dave

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Becky Faith and I got home around 6:30. Dave was in bed WRACKED in pain, MUCH WORSE than earlier in the day. Oh my. he managed to come downstairs, sat down, and started describing the pain to me. said it was definitely in his bones, his hip bones, his thigh bones, his knee. awful excruiating pain. the church where Faith goes to daycare has a church supper every Wed. eve. so they had packed us enough supper for the four of us, home cooking to be sure, BBQ, new potatoes, cole slaw and applesauce. so we ate, somehow Dave was able to get some food down, and suddenly he looked at me and said we HAVE to go back to the ER NOW. and I must point out he'd already had, oh, four percosets in an hour or two maybe? so Becky and I got Faith in the bath, dogs in the kennel and off we went.

I have to give Becky a big gold star for being tricky Aunt of the Year. Somehow managed to get Faith her bath, ready for bed, rocked to sleep, all without Faith realizing we were gone despite repeated queries.

Anyway, the ER was packed. Looked like a bunch of flu victims to me. I begged and begged and begged, and my Dad, who showed up and who always shows up when I tell him we're headed to the hospital, anyway he begged, too, please take my husband/soninlaw back, the pain is awful and he may start screaming out there! We even had to get a wheelchair to get him from the car to the ER because the pain was so bad he was afraid to fall. anyway, they finally triaged him after an hour or so there but then told him, sorry, no room in the inn, so you'll have to wait in the waiting area again and no pain meds until a doc sees you which won't happen until you get a bed. anyway, the three of us sat there and watched West Wing and Law and Order, then discused what to do, my dad decided to go home in case Becky needed help with Faith in the morning, but all the while, after popping even more percosets, Dave's pain started stablizing so finally around midnight we decided to leave, things were much better.

I had talked to our dear onco doc earlier in the afternoon about Dave's reaction and he said he wasn't sure, but he thought getting the zometa (for the bone mets, not a chemo but to build up bone) and the topotecan together could cause alot of the painful symptoms Dave had. After the pain stablized, I told Dave, maybe the zometa gets right into your bones, and the chemo rides along with it, gets in there and then starts wreaking all kinda of havoc. and maybe, just maybe, all that means is IT'S WORKING.

I know all my posts are rambling, but it's good therapy for me, sorry, but maybe our detailed learning experiences can help others.

anyway, I'm staying home with Dave tomorrow, Becky will be around alot I know, but I'm not ready to leave him all day yet. besides, I'm going to be pooped tomorrow, it's late and I'm tired!

And I am thinking too about how lucky we are to have the support systems we do, especially our family. My 75 year old dad left my cancer stricken mom at home to come be with us in case we needed anything. God Bless him.

God Bless us All!


p.s. I told Dave that I was so sorry he had to go through all of this, but if months of agony resulted in saving his butt, I didn't care, be in agony! I would take it from him if I could but I can't.

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Yep, all in all it wasn't an easy day for my "little" brother and Karen. (He'll always be little to me. :wink: ) I met them at the ER this morning and got to see just how long people have to wait, even in great pain, to be taken care of. But they were (eventually) good to him and reduced the pain at least.

Beth must have jumped in her car the minute Karen called (sneaking around on her forbidden cell phone in the ER), because before we knew it, our "cousin" was waiting to see us. It was my first time to meet Beth, and she's as terrific as I imagined her to be. And I gotta say she looks great!

After dinner at Chapman Acres, I had the easy job of giving Faith and Winnie the Pooh a bath and putting them to bed while David & Karen went for ER Round II. Fortunately, she was tired enough that I didn't have to be too awfully tricky to get her to sleep without realizing we were alone in the house. She was a perfect angel.

It's after 2am, but I'm still on California time, I guess. That has worked in my favor tonight! I was disappointed that David never got to see a doctor on ERII, but relieved to see him feeling better when they returned. Not exactly good, mind you, but noticably more himself. Even got a smile and a laugh or two out of him.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I just know it. Thanks, everyone for all the support, good wishes and prayers.

Tricky Aunt Becky

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David and Karen and all the family too - I am so sorry you are going through this. What a blessing family is during these troubles. I hope maybe you can see the doctor today in his office? David and all of you need some serious relief, surely they can give him something different that would be more effective. Prayers for you. Thanks for stopping in to share, so many of us care. Love, Margaret

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Sorry to hear of another trip to the ER. I have learned recently with all moms trips to the ER, that you can casually mention a shortness of breath, maybe a chest pain or 2 and they immediatly get you in. Also it seems too that when you tell the reception lady that you have cancer, things seem to go quicker. I dont know if that just the way it is here, but give it a try next time if you havent already. Hopefully though there will not be a next time

I have either heard or read somewhere about he bone pain associated with the zometa. I dont know if maybe its intensivied by other chemos or not. Heres to hoping it was a 1 time thing.

In my prayers as always


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I made three trips to the ER in five days due to pain from bone mets. I understand and hope the pain leaves quickly. Following treatment, Carbo/Gemzar/Zometa the pain started subsiding inside of a few weeks. For the large part I’ve heard many people talk about the relief they got from while using Zometa. Hope it helps.

Good luck in your fight


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I am so sorry to hear it was such a very long and very tough night for all of you! Karen, I can feel your pain with all of this, as Dennis was in terrible pain from bone mets and I felt so helpless. One trick to remember when at the ER that may help you out. I would always explain that Dennis was receiving chemo and that his immune system was very low. I would tell them I was scared to death that he would catch something while waiting and they would always accomodate us. If they were swamped, they would just put us in a more private area that was more comfortable. I'm keeping you guys in my prayers. I know how tough this is for all of you right now! Thanks goodness you have such a wonderful family support system!

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Hi Karen,

Sorry to see that you and Dave has such a rough night. Glad to see that Dave is feeling a little better. Can Dave's doctor order him anything stronger than the Percocet? It's a real shame that someone would have to spend that much time at the ER. So many people use the ER as a doctors office, that when someone really needs help,they have to wait.

It's great that you have such a great support system.

Best Wishes,


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So sorry to hear about everything Dave (and your family) is enduring. When my mom received shots to rebuild her white blood cells (I am a little confused on the details) it caused her beyond excrutiating pain...she couldn't walk it was so bad. The oncologist told us that is because of something do do with it affecting the bones (not in a bad way)...I know this probably isn't too clear, but thought it might be useful to know.

Blessings to your family. I keep you in my thoughts.

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AND again, a big thank you to Becky for coming out, we would not have gotten through the week so far without her.

and To JustaKid Beth for showing up at the ER. She looked so good and was so perky and funny (her usual self) that it lifted Dave up, you know he kept saying how good she looked and that's what we're here for, to provide HOPE for each other and support.

We both slept all day today and Dave feels well enough to go into town and eat out! So off we go to pick up Becky and then Faith from daycare and get a bite. I ask God for miracles, we're getting a small one now, could I have even imagined yesterday Dave would want to go sit in a restaurant today?


I feel my savior Christ besides me now.

Love to you all,


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Great news. And Karen is making my favorite thing for dinner.....RESERVATIONS! 8):lol:

Go out and enjoy yourselves, and David, I'm glad you're feeling better. Both of you!! Sleep often does help a lot!

Justa...glad to know YOU had the oomph too, to go to the ER. Sounds like you're doing better too.

Hey....maybe we are ALL on an upswing!! FayA too!! Wouldn't that be great?

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I am so sorry you guys are going through this. I know this is radical, but keep in mind if you call an ambulance, he isnt legally allowed to wait in the waiting room and will be seen immedietely. It is one way to get very quick service.

Also, we have a few ER's in our area. I have actually called each one to see how busy they were. This was for another family member who was ill. When I called they would tell me. Also early in the morning is the slowest time 2-7 am.

My sister had her gallbladder blow a few weeks back and my counts were very low. I got a box of masks and didnt enter the hospital w/o 2 on at once. You look stupid, but you can help protect yourself from many bugs. I ran into my onco while visiting my sis and he said "glad you are wearing a mask it will help a lot.".Then he said "wash your hands everytime you leave here and dont touch your face".

Is David on Neupogen/Neulasta at this time? If yes, maybe he can decrease his dose to help calm down some of the bone pain.


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