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Cycle one of Chemo nearly over


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And it's not been bad at all. It must be the Zometa that David C is also getting that is causing him pain and discomfort...because I've had NO ill effects at all from the Topotecan. Today is the last infusion of this cycle and tomorrow morning I get the port installed while - they said - my counts are still good. After the procedure, I'll also get a Neulasta shot. Might as well stick me again while I'm down, eh? :roll:

I am visualizing the Topotecan working...at least twice daily, and one of those times during chemo. For just a few moments....I "see" little hardhatted cocktail waitresses serving the chemo drinks to the cancer cells. They toss them back, get little +'s for eyes....and keel over dead on the floor, only to be washed right out of my system with all this water I drink....leaving behind only pink, healthy looking liver and pancreas tissue!! 8) Yellow hard hats, some of you might remember, were my symbol for this fight from the beginning.

Anyway, mentally I'm WAY better as I'm doing something....fighting with chemo and imagery and optimism. It lives on me much better than the fear and angst. But this is a reality check too about this disease, so there are some things I will be taking care of over the coming weeks because if I DON'T....a lot of family history is lost. I AM the senior generation. When I go...if they don't know it....there is no one else to ask, re: my family of origin's history.

And if "some people" don't do a couple of things the way I want them done after I'm gone, then dangit....I'm going to be spending part of my eternity haunting them instead of having a good time on the other side, you know? :wink: So I have a few instructions to write out as well!

So...plans are ahead to take care of some business...but otherwise life goes on. Can't say I'm taking up the recorder like Fay or stretching out into any other brand new directions (yet)....but I continue to do the things I love to do and have been doing! My crafts, reading, staying in contact with friends, seeing my men (hubby and sons) as much as possible.

I keep muttering to myself....TOPOTECAN WORKS! Two doctors and a nurse have said that exact two-word phrase to me. From their lips to God's ears.....eh, Dave and Karen?

I'll update you guys from time to time...but for now, all goes well and I know there are others here who cannot quite say the same. If I'm not around as much...well, I know you understand how it is in tx and with some "unfinished business" to take care of re: family stuff. But I'm here in thoughts much more often and wishing everyone the very best, always.

If you've got an extra good thought or two left over to send my way - I am always grateful for it! Thanks!!

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Oh, Addie, you have my positive vibes...and here's a groaner for you (cuz now that I've heard about written orders, guess I better follow mine!)

What do you get when you cross a rabbit and an anesthesiologist?

The Ether Bunny!

Chin up! It was bad, it was real bad...but I bet I got a smile!

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...but I bet I got a smile!

Yes, but an extremely wry one....and I'm thinking, "Guess who hasn't had any coffee yet this morning?" :roll:

Thanks, Karen - but what's the alternative to this attitude? Misery? Doesn't sound like much "fun" to me. :wink:

Betty...thank you...and I hope you know you are always on my mind, sweetie! How are you doing? You never complain!! So I hope that means things are going fine, shrinking, reducing, leaving you with less pain, fewer tumors and some positives to enjoy. Gonna give us an update.....huh, huh?

Were your tumors ON your liver? Mind seem to be IN it...and one of them is 4 cm. :shock: From "nothing there" on a CT in January, to four tumors, one of them 4 cm. IN the liver in February. Never mind the "multiples" in my pancreas. Sheesh this stuff goes fast sometimes...but as my onc said, and Doc Cunningham concurred here...if the cells are dividing that rapidly...they WILL drink up that chemo very well.

Good. Let the little buggers OVERINDULGE themselves on Topo and DIE!!! That's the plan.

Are you tolerating the Cis okay, Betts? Had any scans along the way to let you know how you're doing? What are you now....around cycle 3?

Bring us up to date, will you (and if you've done it recently and I missed it....forgive me. I'm missing some posts here and there.... :? )

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Looks so much like you are pulling all the punches for success. The visualization details down to the color of hardhats that your chemo fighters wear....good one. And then to hell with them through a urinary tract...? Can't beat that.

Keep up the good work. It is working right now.

Cindi o'h

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Thanks all....and now I'm just hoping this attitude can maintain once the Decadron "high" wears off. The nurse told me today, that I might crash a bit, coming off the Decadron. :shock:

I didn't really last time. Not at this dose. Only when they had me on a higher dose, which they use with the platin drugs. But after I had a week-long weeping meltdown around cycle 3 last time, they cut my 'roids by about half...and that's what I'm getting now.

And if I come down a little, it'll mainly just shut me up. :? You know the ad with the old woman saying, "I've fallen and I can't get up"? Well for me, the line is, "I'm talking and I can't SHUT UP!!" I'm serious.

Decadron just turns me into a magpie. They stuck me out in the Atrium all by myself for chemo today and I think it was a PLOT!! :lol: (Nah...the inside rooms were all full...that was why. So...I got a good, quiet hour out in the Atrium, listening to the waterfall...and visualizing killing off cancer cells!)

I will still do my best to stay positive and UP....as it beats the weepies any day. If I can get my port put in tomorrow without TOO much tenderness with it afterwards....I'll be all set. If it hurts a bit....then I've got chemistry for that...and perhaps a new box of Caramel center Nutty Buddies! :wink: I'll be fine.

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You have my best thoughts and wishes coming your way. Thank you for being such a positive influence on me. Reading your posts always makes me want to pull myself up by my bootstraps and kick butt!!!

Good luck with your port tomorrow and don't stay away too long!


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Addie, IMAGERY WORKS and I LOVE your hardhatted cocktail waitresses serving chemo to the cancer cells is the best I've heard. Dave used imagery for his first chemo treatment, some for his second, and I firmly believe it contributed.

yes, it's got to be the zometa and toptecan combined. they're going to do more investigating, in the morning we're going to see our dear radiation onco doc so he can take a closer look at the hip xray, but our onco doc says it doesn't look that bad to him. and dave was having intense pain in places where he doesn't have cancer.

thank you for inspiring us to live life through it all. Bless Dave's heart, he's trying. he went with me to pick Faith up from daycare and then on to Becky's hotel room where we had a pizza party and it was the most fun we've had in weeks, mostly due to Faith entertaining us

glad to hear things are going so well, and glad to hear that your docs keep saying IT WORKS. our wonderful onco doc keeps telling me to hang in there, he's not giving up on Dave. trust me, when you hear about so many negative or OVERLY realistic or statistic driven attitudes of so many onco docs, hearing his soft, comforting voice saying this makes me stronger than titanium.

God Bless you my hero,


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Hi Addie,

Just what I needed today - thank you! My partner will be starting Topo tomorrow. We are firm believers in positive thoughts, and will be visualizing Topo kicking cancerbutt too!

Glad to hear that round one went well, and sending positive thoughts to you for good results.

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Dear Addie,

So glad you had an easy time with this first round and I'm SURE the topo is working overtime. It doesn't have much of an option when it's inside of you -- your attitude itself gives the marching orders.

And no matter how much the decadron may have boosted your spirits, they're yours and truly yours. So I'm sending all the positive vibes I can muster to keep them going, to keep YOU going and to keep those nasty little mets on the road to perdition.

We'll keep on doing this while you handle whatever you need to handle.



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Hi Addie,

You certainly have a way with words, so don't even think of not talking!!! It's wonderful to see the great attitude in motion. Did you ever think of being an author? I was so entertained by your posting.

You must be adored by friends and family. Keep on fightin' ---- we're keepin' on sendin' prayers your way.


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