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Gamma Knife - Here we go!


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Hey everybody,

I saw the specialists today. They told me that it was my choice wether to have Gamma Knife or WBR. I am going with the Gamma Knife since I had virtually no bad side effects last time plus you can have it over & over again. Once you have WBR, to my knowledge, that is it (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here). I know that based on the stage & stats, the cancer is supposed to eventually be my demise but I want to continue to have the choice to keep on blasting the brain tumors. My greatest fear through this is that the tumors will just continue to eat little pieces of my brain - like Pac-Man (I'm showing my age here).

Anyway, I'm scheduled for the Gamma Knife on Tues. In the mean time, I found out today that the strange "episodes" that I've been having are seizures so they put me on an anti-seizure medication & back on the ^$%*@ steroids. Oh well, I guess I knew that was too good to last.

Hugs & Prayers to you all,


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Hi Karen,

Check your mail box. I PM'd the answer to your question. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested & since it was so odd, I really didn't want to put it out in front of everyone unless more people were really interested. I think it makes me sound a little loony-tunes. It sure feels a little loony-tunes.

Hugs & prayers,


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I know exactly how you feel about the "pac-man" syndrome. It's creepy to think that something is in your brain doing whatever it wants.

I was told that you could only have wbr once, but you could have wbr followed by Gamma Knife or Stereotactic Radiation if needed in the future.

I could not have Stereotactic because my tumors were too small to pinpoint and too numerous.

Good luck next Tuesday. Sorry you have to go on those darn steroids again. I just hate them!


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