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Pop's is in the Hospital Again --- Update


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If you all recall a few weeks ago he went to the ER for SOB etc. They ended up doing angioplasty on a completely blocked artery. They were going to wait a little while until they took out his pacemaker and put in a defibr. He just hasn't been feeling much better. On Wed he had to go to his ONC to do bloodwork before his last chemo cycle (precautionary). The nurse saw him get out of the car and almost fall so she rushed to the parking lot to help him. His blood pressure was so low that they had to send him to the ER. They ended up doing some sort of scope procedure to see if there were any blood clots around heart; but nothing. After the procedure his BP went sky high so they had to put him in ICU. Now he is having the defibr. put in this morning. I wonder just how much more his poor little heart can take? It seems like every week I'm getting a call from my brother that Dad is in the ER. If his cancer returns I just don't know if his body can take anymore treatment (although this time round he has tolerated it extremely well). It seems like he could use a new heart but we all know that would be totally out of the question. Anyway, sorry for complaining...really just looking for a few prayers for Dad today. I know that the prayers are being maxed out lately with so many people needing them.......Thanks



Pop's made it through the surgery okay. I'll be able to talk to him tomorrow when he is in a normal room.. Thx for the prayers!!

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Boy, Pops really has had a time of it :( ....but I am adding my vibes and good thoughts for better days ahead for him. I'm sorry for all your family to be going thru this, kk....

Am glad he's thru the surgery okay...and wishing him a speedy recovery and a well deserved break from health crises!!

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Hi Kathy,

Wow, poor guy, he has really been through so much. My heart goes out to him and all of his family who is going through all this.

But have confidence that they will get this all straightened out, and he will be able to continue his treatments again.

He seems to have alot of family support. That is the key for him getting well.

Mediatation prayers to you for strength, and your dad for health.

Please take care


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