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Iressa Users can input for FDA Hearing 3/04


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I just located this contact for Iressa users who are concerned about the FDA hearing on Iressa on Mar. 4. It appears that you can still send input for a couple more days. The contact info is at the bottom of the page. If you are on Iressa (or just want to support those who still are), you might want to send in your comments. Steve's doctor has said there is no question in his mind that, for right now, Steve should stay on Iressa because his body has had a phenomenal response to it. He may go to Tarceva at some point, but we sure want to have the option to stay with Iressa as long as it's working.

http://www.fda.gov/oc/advisory/accalend ... 30405.html

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Bumping this up. I think it is also in NSCLC forum.

There is an e-mail address in the link and people are sending e-mails voicing their opinion that Iressa should be left on the market. I think it is a good idea if everyone has a second to send an e-mail (that is of course only if you think Iressa should stay). Personally, I have no experience with benefits of Iressa, but I have heard it do wonders for othres, so I am sending e-mails.

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Thanks for the bump-up Andrea. Really, I was surprised that more people didn't seem interested in this given the number of people who are using it with good results. I have had some amazing e-mails from some people who are convinced that, like Steve, Iressa has saved their lives. It's a bit discouraging that the results of one study could do so much damage. :(

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In the other forum people mentioned they wrote, and I have a feeling people wrote but just didn't say so. So don't get discouraged :) I bet a lot of our lurkers even wrote.

From my recipe experience, I got some from people who don't post but lurk. So they all get involved, queitly :)

Besides the stories here about Iressa, I was at a Cedars Sinai thing and a doctor spoke of a 32 year old girl who was really bad Stage IV, this was 5 years ago, and Iressa has kept her so stable that she even scuba dives! It truly is a miracle drug for some

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