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The Holy Spirit Will Help You


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I just had to share this daily devotional with you all too.

The Holy Spirit Will Help You

JOHN 14:16 NKJ

16 "And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another

Helper, that He may abide with you forever,

If you allow Him to, the Holy Spirit will guide you in every

area of life; from the words you should speak, to the spouse

you should marry, to the investments you should make.

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity of God. It

is difficult for humans to understand how there can be only one

God, as the Scriptures teach, yet He can reveal Himself as

three persons. So do not let it be an obstacle for you, or be

drawn into fighting about it.

The Holy Spirit is a person, not just a force. He should be

treated with the utmost respect and gratitude.

I have personally found the Holy Spirit to be a wonderful,

wonderful Helper -- in so many ways. Even in simple, practical

things, like reminding me of things, or helping me to find

misplaced items. The Holy Spirit is truly interested in

everything that affects you, and desires to help you -- if you

will allow Him to.

No doubt, the Holy Spirit has been helping you, too. You just

may not have recognized it. You may have called it "a hunch" or

"it just came to me" or "I just had an idea." Start giving

thanks to the real source of your help -- the Holy Spirit of


The Bible mentions several ways the Holy Spirit helps: teaching

you all things, bringing the Word to your remembrance, telling

you of things to come, revealing to you the things of God,

comforting you, encouraging you, empowering you to be a

witness, and bringing life and healing to you.

You are not facing life all alone -- as an orphan would. The

Holy Spirit is with you continually -- living with you. When

you need help He is never far away, but always right with you,

waiting for you to call on Him for His help.

SAY THIS: Holy Spirit, I appreciate your help. Thank you for

guiding me in life and helping me in every way.

Now, I feel the need to share something very personal with you.

One night at church, I had several people gathered around me in prayer for a loved one. Then an elderly man, affectionately known as 'the candy man' at church, came up to me and said he felt the Holy Spirit telling him to come over and speak to me. He said the Lord wants you to know that "help is on the way." Then he shared some of his own personal testimony with me. THEN, the next wed. night at church, one of the guys who had prayed with me the previous wed. night, asked how my loved one was doing. He then said, "don't give up, help is on the way." Of course I'm just sitting back in awe at the Lord and His confirmation, and still trying to figure out exactly what it meant. Then, a few weeks later, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, while praying by myself at my home! My Help had come. God is good!

I know there are differing opinions and such on this subject. This is my personal testimony. I know the Holy Spirit had been dwelling in me since the day of salvation, almost seven years ago, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues, helps you to be even stronger in Him and for Him.

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