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Went to a Medium....unbelievable


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Okay, I know some of you will think I am crazy.. but... I got a call the other day from my daughter asking if I would be interested in going to a "John Edwards" type of gathering... I jumped at the chance as this stuff facinates me and Dad and I would watch John Edwards together alot. Daddy was never quite sure if it was bogus or not, but he made a deal with me that if I ever did go to one, he would contact me if it was the "real deal".... we weren't in the room 5 min. when Daddy made himself known... The medium walked right up to me and said... this is for you... His name is John... I almost fell off my chair... the night was incredible... Daddy spoke of things that only he would know... the entire reading lasted about 15 min. and I just had to tell you all..... I always felt he was around... now I definetley KNOW he is....

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Wonderful - you had a positive experience! I took my husband to a medium for his birthday a couple of years ago - a one hour session that stretched into 90 minutes. It had to, my grampa asked if he could "cut" and hubby's family waited....taped the whole thing, still brings goosebumps...

Glad you have some closure.


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Congratulations! I know that had to be a wonderful experience. I too am fascinated by psychics, mediums, etc. It is just sometimes hard for me to believe in them. I guess like most things there are the true ones and the ones that are not so true. Again, congratulations.


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I have been asked to share some of the details of the Medium experience.... I would love to.. I am just trying to decide the best way to do it so as not to ramble.... so I am just going to write the "highlights"

1. Daddy mentioned Mom, my sister and brother by their names.

2. He said he knew we were having great difficulty picking out a gravestone...(we talk about it constantly)... He said he just laughs because we are making too big a deal out of it, he says "I am not really there, just go pick out anything".

3. My daughter was with me.... he said to her" You look like your Dad, but thank god you are like your mom... then he laughed and said "that is a good thing". Daddy always said that while on earth... my first husband has alot to be desired!!

4.He told me, you need to learn to "Go with the flow... you have to stop panicing over the small stuff" " You don't need to make your bed every day"... NOW>> this is what is weird about that... on Monday, I went to work without making my bed... FIRST TIME EVER>> and I told the girls at work how it was driving me crazy!!!

5. He said he was with his dog... and the reason my dog Tucker is acting so strange (he has not been right since Dad passed) is that he comes to visit me often and he brings the dog with him... He said "You ask me to come and bring you a sign.... I am not coming without my dog and Tucker is afraid of him"... He was chuckling as he said this....

6. He also said "well, now you don't have to cook for me anymore", which, is a good thing "cause you really aren't that good a cook"!!!!! This is so MY FATHER... always teasing me... so typical of everything he would say!!!!!!! As a matter of fact in the hospital one of the last conversations we had was about how he thought Mom, me and my sister all had a lot to be desired in the cooking department....

There is more but these are the highlights.... pretty neat huh???? I am so delighted to be able to share it with all of you.... Love, Sharon

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I have never follow this type of thing before, although my oldest daughter is totally into all kinda of things such as mediums. BUT I think i want to know more. Your post has totally made me stop in my tracks and reevaulate (sp) this.

Tell me though, did these things get "spoken" to you? I mean was it the medium talkng to you? things you heard? I just do not understand. Also is your dads name John?

This is awesome, I suddenly feel I have been missing out on something, by not knowing. I cannot imagine how this made you feel. WOW

Thanks and god bless


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Hi Sharon,

Not surprizing to me, as I believe in the afterlife. We just get rid of our physical bodies, but our soul lives one. I know that our love ones are watching over us, and will be there to help us "crossover" when the time comes.

But unlike John Edwards, who does alot of initial stuff, that medium really seem to be right on when naming names. That I like.

Wish she was here in the East. California is kinda far for me to travel. Maybe I can astrial project myself to her. :D

Glad you had a great reading. So now just pick out a stone already, won't you.??? Come on get on the ball, get this done. Like he said, he is not there. Just do a inny, miny, miny, moe..... :roll:

When you came home did you make your bed, before you went to sleep. :wink:

Thanks for sharing...


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Wow Sharon - I've got goosebumps then followed by tears! I never believed in mediums either until a very, very honest level-headed friend told me that she had an incredible experience when she was contacted by three friends who had passed away. The detail was incredible. I think I saved the description you wrote about your father after he passed. I am oh so grateful you shared this with us :D

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Sharon, this is at least the third time you made me feel really good. No wonder I keep coming back. I just want you to know, your words are powerfully good for me.

I want this sooooooooo much. Jim promised me he would send me a sign if he could. I am sort of waiting about the medium stuff until I can find one I think is genuine, also to give Jim time to settle in, as it were. My granddaughter says she is getting messages, well, I am not sure about that. Anyway, I am the psychic in the family (in a very small way), how come I am not getting messages?

That is very cool about the monument.

Well, anyway, thank you very very much. I do believe it is possible. I believe it happened for you. I hope it will happen for me.



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Sharon, thanks so very much for sharing this. Last fall, I went to a medium and the result was overwhelming. Dennis told me so very much!!! There was no way anyone could have known some of the information the medium gave me!!! It was a wonderful experience and I plan on doing this again really soon. This was done in a group setting but this gentleman also does private sessions when he is in town. I plan on having a private, 1 hour session this time. So glad you had a wonderful experience! I BELIEVE!!!!

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