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My list of five, add yours!


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I heard somewhere, in the endless world of motivational speakers and self-help courses my company pushes, that to change one's attitude to positive, it helps to list five things you are thankful for each night before you go to bed. First night is easy, second night, you cannot repeat the same things as the night before. Blessings have to be different, cannot fall into the habit of "repeat of last night"....

I'm going to list five things I'm thankful for today, please, add on to the string...

1) Winter doesn't last all year

2) Elastic waists on sweatpants

3) My boy coming home from his dad's house after a good weekend

4) A husband that cooks well

5) Good friends

Your turn!

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1. My Husband, my best friend to stay NED :D

2. My kids, Jason & Nicole to get married, give me a grandchild :oops:

3. My moms continued good health ( she is 94) :D

4. Keep my job ( Gillette bought out by P&G) :shock:

5. Eagles to win the Superbowl. :roll:


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Becky -- I love this idea! :D

1. My son making Sunday Breakfast for me

2. My husband shrinking my favorite pants in the dryer -- but at least he is doing the laundry!

3. My puppy climbing into my lap and falling asleep

4. My Lord -- who continues to blessed me with good health

5. The excitement that comes with an impending "blizzard" -- and a snow day from work/school :wink:

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This should be a permanent post. And as Becky said, each day the five should be different.

1. My wonderful children: Sean, Devin and Kim

2. My 8 beautiful grandchildren: Michael, Stephen, Ryan, Brendan, Samantha, Connor, Erin and Jack.

3. Wonderful memories.

4. Having a good cry watching Million Dollar Baby

5. Watching this beautiful snow storm from inside a warm house.

Thanks Becky.

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Day Two,

I'm happy for:

My terrific Doctor and medical team that have pulled me through.

Just having a decent day at work, for a change.

Snow. Even though I don't like it alot, it is pretty. I'm alive to see it.

My husband is calm today.

Dinner was good!

Bless you all. Keep it up!


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1. Today I saw the sunshine (the docs said I wouldn't be around this long)

2. Today I got to say "I love you" to my wife (and have gotten to do that every day for over 20 years)

3. Today I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and people who care (there was I time I had none of those things)

4. Tonight I will go to sleep in a warm comfortable bed (and not in a doorway somewhere)

5. Today I got to remember that, for some reason I will never fathom, God has allowed me to be a positive influence in the lives of others (when, for so many years, I only brought pain and sorrow to others).

Ya know, today was a pretty good day.


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My five for today.

1. Slobber filled kisses from my saint bernards.

2. A job I love with a awesome boss.

3.My nephews Jamie & Brian & Arthur & Sam and Billy and my great

neice Veronica.

4. Watching a movie or playing a game of monopoly with my kids.

5. Taking a walk with my husband.

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