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white blood cell count low...(again)


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Well hello all.... Mom is sick again and her white blood cell count is down to 0.2, that is the worst is has been. Her temp has gone up to 100.1, we were told to go to the hospital when it gets to 100.5. What do you all think? Should we sit and wait.... kind of like a woman in labor, you know the baby's comming, you just have to wait till the pains get closer.

The big difference is, this could be life or death.

I HATE CANCER!!!!! :evil:

Sorry, had to vent.

We went to have blood work today and I got the great news that I get to give my mom injections. Isn't that fun..... I don't think mom is very happy with that. She needs to be a little nicer to me now.... lol...

Sorry all, I'm nervouse and scared again. Mom says that she is scared this time also. I told her that it will be like all the other times, I could hear the doubt in my voice, I know she could.

Any words of advice, or just support would be great.

And to tell you the truth.... I would like to hear the TRUTH.... even if it's bad. I'm so tired of being in the dark with this. If you have some news that isn't so good, maybe you should send an e-mail.


Mom dx September 02, NSCLC now stage 4

three tumors in the lungs and cancer in the lymph nodes between the lungs. 8 weeks of radiation, just had 2nd round of taxatere(sp?)

been in the hospital 4 times with pneumonia, one blood transfusion,

in isolation once so far.

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Renee, we were also told when my wife's temp goes to 100.5 or above to seek medical attention. I think 100.1 is close enough! Is your mom taking Neulasta or Procrit or something to boost her white blood cell count. My wife is getting a Neulasta shot the next day after each chemo transfusion now and she seems to be doing better. Best ot you. Don

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