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Sterotactic Radiosurgery (Gamma Knife)


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Hi Everyone,

Well finally got this procedure scheduled - it has been a month since they found the new tumors. I will have it done this Weds. 3/2.

Can anyone that has had this procedure with the Frame let me know what it was like, I am so claustrophobic and fear that I will not be able to make it through this. They don't sedate where I am having it done but they give you liquid ativan and pain meds. I am hoping this will get me through it.

Also asking for prayers to get me through it and that everything goes well.

Thank you all for the support you provide on this site, sometimes I don't know what I would do without you all.


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My husband had stereotactic radiosurgery with a machine called Novalis. He did fine. Like you, though, I am very claustrophobic. I had to have a closed MRI one time and they gave me two Atavan to take 1 hr. before the scan, and I breezed right through it. I actually refused to have the test done because there was no way they were going to put me in one of those tubes, but I really didn't mind it one bit after the Atavan.

I don't remember how many mets you have to have treated, but my husband had 6 that were treated (2 had disappeared with WBR), so it was a very, very long day. They start off with CT scans, then they attach the mask, and then a team of doctors (neurologist, oncologist & I forget the others) do a ton of computer programming to mark the exact locations and how the machine will move around the head to zap the nasty critters. This probably took 1 to 2 hrs.

They will hit each tumor about 3 times, and then they have to re-set the machine for the next one, the oncologist has to check it before they shoot, and it's just a long process, but at least it's not painful.

They are used to people being claustrophobic, so don't worry about that. They will be sure that you are very comfortable and won't mind it at all.

Afterward, there is just a mild headache from where they attach the frame, but otherwise, my hubby had no side effects or problems. He was out and about the next day. The spots on his head just looked like little indents for a few days.

Best of luck and prayers for a successful treatment coming your way.



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Hi Carrie,

I've had Gamma Knife. I am terribly claustrophobic But made it through with flying colors. I think the worst part is that I have an incredibly large head & didn't fit well in the brace. It actually bruised my forehead but with the valium I was ok with the claustrophobia.

There were little to no bad aftereffects. I had a bit of a headache but I think more of it was from the brace not being big enough than from the procedure. I'm scheduled for a second time for Gamma Knife this week for 2 new tumors that were found. I'm really so cool with it after my last experience that my husband is in shock. I wish everything I've been through since my dx went this easily.

Prayers to you,


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I had the Stereotactic radiation treatment. I had surgery

first to remove the tumor(1.) Then I had the Stereotactic

to kill off any left over cells. I had a face mask. It went

very well and the only thing I had was a headache for about

two hours after treatment. Extra strength Excedrin got

rid of that. I also had fatigue for about 2-3 months. Hope

this helps and sending up lots of prayers. Please

keep us posted on how you are doing...

God Bless and gentle hugs,


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Carrie, no experience with this either (yet) but just wanted to wish you well and say I know you will do just fine.

I'd get some ativan if you could. what the heck. anyone would be anxious about having a procedure like that done.

I look forward to hearing your post about how it went! Is someone going with you, going to be there with you?

Best of Luck and Love,


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