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Prayers for a successful surgery!


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I am asking for prayers for my mom as she is having surgery tomorrow I am praying she will come through this well and that they will get all the mean nasty cancer. Please pray for us. This is the most nerve racking of it all I think. Also any advice will be apreciated on how to cope with this.


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Take some cards to keep your mind off the time in the waiting room. I had the better part of that deal, I got to sleep through it all...but waiting with my mother when my father has had surgeries was awful. Take a book, play cards, OR take a coloring book and a new book of crayons. Coloring is good therapy....reverting to childhood pleasures, I guess...

You could write her a letter, since many thoughts of her will be running through your head - write an essay on your mom for your children to read some day. Commit those memories to paper, you'll be surprised how fast the time goes...

Good vibes coming your way!


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Heidi, prayers going up. I also was diagnosed with superior sulcus tumor, On Dec. 3, 1997, I had surgery after chemo in Feb. 98. I will say some prayers for your Mom and she will be on my mind tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing great news , like they got it all and it was all dead ! Please post when you are able. Donna G

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