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My list of 5 for 3/1/05


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I think we should do this everyday. Oprah had it with some lady who called in a 'gratitude' journal, I think.

1. My best friend Jackie

2. A neighbor who plows my driveway cheaply.

3. The flea market in work (helps unload stuff and make a couple of $)

4. A note I found in Earl's toiletry kit this am that I had written to him and that he had kept for so long

5. Becky's great idea

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Ginny -- I love your Top 5 -- especially the note that Earl has kept for so long -- that must truly warm your heart!

OK -- my 5 of the day?

1. The snow delay that gave me an extra two hours at home with my family this morning

2. Looking out my kitchen window at the beautiful winter scene landscaping our lawns and trees. I captured the moment with a photo

3. My co-workers making me laugh with our recap of last night's disastrous "Bachelorette" finale

4. The lunch seminar that provided YUMMY salads -- preventing me from having to buy lunch :wink:

5. The thought of leaving work in an hour and picking up my son to play in the snow together!!

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1. God and His miraculious intervention in my life sooo many times.

2. My mother's recovery and hopefully continued good spirits and renewed health.

3. My 2 sons and thier awesome antics and ways to make me smile.

4. My S/O, I have never met another man like him, he has all the best qualities.

5. The simple and sweet things in life that you get a glimpse of every day.

This is really thought provoking and GREAT!!! Thanks guys!!

Love and prayers for all,


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I love this idea. Sometimes we take for granted all things to be thankful for, keeping the list each day will only remind us.

1. Being at home with my family today

2. Sesame Street (keeps my son occupied and is great for his little mind)

3. My parents and sister

4. My grandma who walked me thru making gravy (and it was great)

5. A warm home on such a cold day

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1. My inlaws who love me

2. My co-workers

3. My secretary (gotta seperate her out from my co-workers) who prays for my mom all the time, and also all of you, especially the Chapmans right now and who marched into my office and asked me today "so when are you due for your period" so she can track my fertility too :)

4. My 3 sisters (not biological)--you know who you are

5. Buddy the cute dog who my mom says is laying on the kitchen table right now in one of his many beds.

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Tuesday - my Monday:

1) Housetrained puppy

2) Snow days (not that I had one, but my son was happy as was the uncrated puppy)

3) Experience driving in snow and on snow-covered roads

4) NOT getting stuck in the driveway on the way out this morning or the way in this evening (almost a foot of blowing snow)

5) A dishwasher

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1. My co-worker Emma who picks me up every day

2. The little baby growing inside of me (am just 11 weeks pregnant!!)

3. That my Mum and Dad have moved to the same city as me.

4. The sweet email my husband sent to me today.

5. Mum's clever oncologist, who she has an appointment with today.



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My list for 3-2-05

1. That my sister Connie has finished her chemo treatments.

2. For a friend like Brandon who has kept my husband working through

the winter months.

3. Coming home from work to find my daughter Kelly has a fresh pot of

coffee awaiting me.

4. My husband calling me from work just to say I love you.

5. Playing with my dogs in the snow.

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grateful for all of the scientists whose brains designed and engineered the IV plastics, tubes, and bags so that I would get just one stick and everything would go smoothly. I was really amazed at the level of technology and awed when I actually looked at the details.

for my old shi##y cat, Timmy Tom. The smartest and most engaging cat in the whole world.

for the sunshine this morning.

for the Cardinals singing their sweet springtime songs outside my window at 6 am....beautiful!

Cindi o'h

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My list for 3/2/05

1. That first cup of coffee in the morning

2. A really good book

3. A job

4. The painter finally returning my call

5. My daughter calling and saying that the test came back all is well with the baby and it is a girl. A girl, yeah.

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1) Bud Light

2) Bud Light

3) Bud Light

4) Bud Light

5) Bud Light

But on a more serious note...


1) My Daughter, Family, Friend(s)

2) Great Doctors and Nurses

3) Still Alive And Doing Well

4) Grateful For Everything I Have

5) For The New People Who Came Into My Life After My Diagnoses

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1. My husband tolerating my consant neurosis

2. Caller ID

3. Call waiting

4. AIM instant messenger is free

5. My laptop which allows me to sit on the couch, watch tv and check LCSC (even if it annoys Brian at times ;) )

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3-3-05 list for today

1. Having a lunch date today with hubby.

2. After 22 years of being with my husband since the age of 16. I still get

butterflies when I see him each and everyday.

3. Lee's famous receipes double dippers.

4. Talking to my four year old great neice Veronica on the phone.

5. Opening my daughters door and saying babies and having all the

kittens run to me for a pet.

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1. Having a nice apt to live in

2. Having a boss who cares so much about me, she called me aside yest and informed me Israel has the best fertility centers in the world

3. Having a car that works

4. Chocolate chip cookies

5. Sugar free vanilla powder at Coffee bean

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. Birds chirping outside our window this morning.

2. The covey of quail we spied at our new house site.

3. My children's well-being and happiness.

4. This website and all the marvelous people who have touched me through it, some of whom are no longer with us :cry: .

5. As ever, Bruce.

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