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Mom's Scan Results


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We got our first set of post start of treatment Cat Scan results back today and I think it's all fairly encouraging.

The main tumor in the lung didn't show any shrinkage... but the doctor said that the CAT scan was more limiting in seeing that because it's only 2 dimensional. Regardless--it didn't show any growth, so I'm going to say YAY for no growth.

The lymph nodes that appeared to be involved have become smaller. YAY for smaller lymph nodes. The doctor also said if they were smaller, there's a good chance that other things were getting smaller.

No change shown in the tumor in Mom's shoulder bone... but both the doctor and my Dad think improvement has happened there largely because it WAS bulging out before, and now you can't tell it's there. Other bone stuff just looked 'small.' (I'll go for small... sure beats--not small!).

Dad felt ok about it. Mom wanted to see more. I think it's good we're seeing some progress, especially since this is only our first scan since treatment started.

So... KEEP WORKING stuff!

They are changing around the way Mom gets her Cisplatin because it was taking such a large toll on her blood count getting it twice in a row at the 1/2 dosage... So she will be getting the full dose all at once today... Could make the next few days pretty tough on her, so do pray for her in that respect if you would.

Now that we have THAT good news, I want to contribute to the good news pile too and have a baby!!! But... alas... nothing is *happening* yet. Come on contractions! Come on Baby!

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Everything that you say about your Mom's successes sounds so encouraging. Prayers on the way for her ease through this round.

Now. As far as that baby is concerned. I said the 3rd...so you just take it easy until this evening...Then start the contractions so that baby is revealed tomorrow afternoon...'kay?

Cindi o'h

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That's great, Val -- about your mom, that is. Sounds like things are going in exactly the right direction and that they'll continue doing it that way. But now, that baby....maybe she was just waiting to get the good news and now feels that she can put in a real appearance. Come on, baby, you can do it.


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