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Me and my ONC


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Met with my ONC to discuss my latest CT scan prior to my chemo treatment. You need to remember that I was diagnosed 19 months ago as Stage IV and given One Year.

Is there hope.....you Betcha!!!!! :lol:

I had some minor successes and some set backs and overall was slowly losing the battle. Then on the "6th chemo regimen" we found almost miraculous results. 8) The ONC is amazed. The scan results following my sixth cycle were:

Secondary Tumor and associated Lymphs......."NED"

Previously noted spots.................................."NED"

Primary tumor continues to shrink and is one half the size noted on original DX.

Associated Primary Tumor Lymphs now normal size

Every thing else appears normal.

To what do I attribute my success.....GOD....enjoying every minute....a positive attitude that has never waned.

Will I beat it? Stats say NO.....you know what we all think about SATS!!!!


Luv ya all


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I cannot tell you how very excited I am to hear your excellent news!

I read your post and said some happy mumblings outloud!

very very exciting.

Did you contribute any of your good fortune to the sport of fishing?? (I have)

So very happy for you!

These are the things that give us all so much hope! I love your onc. He is a tenacious bugger...a fighter right along with you! God bless 'em.

Cindi o'h

got worms?

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You guys are always beating the odds out there. You are all amazing.

Jim... that is fantastic news.... Cindi's pub time, just hope she is up to pouring the drinks. :lol:

Continued good news to you.


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SIX chemo regiments? wow.

I have a call in to our minister. I want him to come out and talk to Dave. I am down in the dumps and think he can help us some in the God category and that the topotecan works for Dave!

Praise God, and thank you Jim!


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I am doing the happy dance up here in NJ to celebrate your good news. I want you to know that you are like a poster child for me. After a successful run with Tarceva, I needed to switch to chemo. I am on my third regimen and hoping that this is the magic drug for my cancer. Like you, I continue to work (part time 20hrs) and keep up with my husband and my active 8 year old. I must admit that I fall asleep on the couch alot of nights at 8:30 but I can live with that problem.

I wish you continued success with this chemo. I am praying for us all that we can find similar success.


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