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Suregery done recovery begun

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Hi all - My moms surgery went well took four hours and the doctor removed only one rib. She is controlling the pain well. She is in ICU and very tired. Doctor said he was very aggressive and feels confident he did all he could. Margins are all negative and lymph nodes are also. I am guessing that is good. Does that mean that is the area around the tumor? She is happy with the results when she is awake enough to talk. I told her I hope all the hardest parts are over and we can beat this beast and be thankful for everything. Thank you all for your prayers and caring thoughts. My thoughts and prayers go out everyday to everyone here and their families.


God does answer prayers!

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Heidi, great news! Now the job of rehabilitating after surgery begins, on the road to recovery! Be sure she does range of motion of that shoulder and lots of good deep breathing. Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hi Heidi,

So glad things turned out well for your mom. The clear margin is great, you could not have received better news!! :lol:

Your mom just has to rehab now, which will take some time but she will bounce back and be herself again.

You guys must be so happy to hear that news!! I am so excited for you.

From stage III to NED, that is really great. :mrgreen:


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