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Mom starts chemo on Thursday - I hope she is well enough.

Guest sunflower

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Guest sunflower

Hi. My mom is starting chemo (navelbine) on Thursday. She will have treatment once a week for 5 weeks. She was very optimistic after reading the responses to the post I put up about her.

She is NSMLC, stage IV, squamous, both lungs with met to brain and they just found a spot on her liver that they think is cancerous from a pet scan.

She is getting very tired and can't stand on her legs anymore. She pretty much is in bed most of the time and goes on her potty chair when she can make it. If not, the sheets get changed again, thanks to my sister and step father. (They are exhausted).

She is on decatron because of swelling she had on her brain. Her neck got very bloated at first and then her full face. Now after 5 weeks her cheeks are getting even more bloated and she can hardly see through her eyes because they are so puffy. (The eyes have changed for the worse just in the last few days) Has anyone else had this problem due to the Decatron? She is also on Zantac and was recently given a prescription for Zanax for her anxiety. I am afraid she isn't strong enough for the chemo.

She doesn't have a primary care physician so her lung cancer doctor is making all of the calls. He is 1 1/2 hours away. He saw her last Thursday and thought she was well enough, if she wanted to do the chemo. He has told her in the past that he wouldn't recommend the chemo because he didn't think it would extend the 3-6 months that she may have. This time he did say to her that he hopes she proves him wrong if she wants to do the chemo. Has anyone had any similar symptoms?

Thanks for your help.


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Only your Mother and her doctor can determine if she can handle the chemo.

We had a PCP but we used the onc. as the primary for all cancer related concerns and treatment.

May I suggest you look into Depends or something similar for your Mother. I know it is tough to suggest it, but it could help with her inability to get to the commode quickly enough.

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Hi Patti.

I have the facial swelling (moon face) from the steroid use. About the eyes; that I do not know.

Sounds as if your doctor is not convinced that chemo is the best option for her. I wonder if there is anyone else that you can talk to about this to help you feel like you are making the correct decisons? (a second opinion maybe?)

Also, it sounds as if you are not comfortable with proceeding with treatment.

In my opinion, it would be prudent to be as well informed as possible so that the choices you and your family make feel right to you. Chemo treatments can be tough. I don't have experience with the brand of toxin he is suggesting. Maybe someone else here does...(?)

Best to you for the best possible outcome.

Cindi o'h

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You didn't say what's being done about the brain mets. Any radiation for that?

Yes, my father had severe side effects from Decadron. He lost his ability to walk at all. He reached the point where he could not even lift his legs or shift his position in bed. Once he was taken off the Decadron, he began to improve with physical therapy, but he was just too weak and the cancer had progressed too far for him to become mobile again. He hated that.

Decadron is a powerful drug. It works miracles for people suffering the side effects of brain tumors and brain swelling, but it has some powerful side effects, as well.

Hope the chemo goes well and you see improvement soon.


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